The Ongoing Battle For Justice in The Maze of Tepezza Lawsuits


In recent years, a growing number of individuals have encountered hearing loss issues that they claim are caused by Tepezza. This medication was initially developed to treat thyroid eye disease (TED). It was first approved by the FDA in 2020.

However, JD Supra highlights that researchers from Stanford University have reported some shocking findings regarding Tepezza’s side effects. According to their research, Tepezza causes hearing-related disorders such as tinnitus and chronic hearing loss. The study was also presented at the Endocrine Society’s annual meeting.

Tepezza lawsuits have become a complex legal landscape, raising questions about the drug’s safety and the responsibilities of its manufacturer. In this article, we will provide an overview of the Tepezza lawsuits and recent developments related to them.

The Origin of Tepezza Lawsuits

According to AboutLawsuits, the Tepezza lawsuit saga began when Daniel Weibel filed the first claim in August 2022. Weibel’s lawsuit underscored the claim that Horizon failed to communicate these risks to patients, leaving them unaware of the risks.

Weibel’s case marked a pivotal moment in the Tepezza litigation. It highlighted the alleged failure of Horizon Therapeutics to adequately inform both patients and healthcare providers about the risks. This prompted others who had experienced similar issues to step forward and join the legal battle.

Tepezza’s FDA Approval and Clinical Trials

Tepezza received FDA approval in January 2020 as the sole treatment for thyroid eye disease. During clinical trials, around 10% of patients reported hearing problems. However, the Endocrine Society notes that the risk could be as high as 65%.


The FDA’s approval of Tepezza for TED treatment raised initial hopes for patients suffering from this condition. However, as recent studies have emerged, a concerning picture of the drug’s side effects has been painted among the masses.

The Importance of Warning Labels

One central issue in Tepezza lawsuits is the adequacy of warning labels. Plaintiffs argue that the drug’s label did not sufficiently warn about the potential for hearing loss and tinnitus. 

The FDA’s subsequent label update in July 2023 acknowledges these risks. According to Ophthalmology Times, this marks a significant update in Tepezza’s warning label, addressing crucial changes in precautions for the drug. The label now also recommends clinicians to monitor the patient’s hearing closely before, during, and after Tepezza treatment.

The Impact of Permanent Side Effects 

Permanent hearing loss and tinnitus are not just costly; they can severely affect a person’s quality of life. Studies have shown that these conditions can lead to difficulties in understanding others, resulting in heightened feelings of frustration.

The profound impact of permanent hearing loss and tinnitus on individuals cannot be understated. Beyond the financial burden of medical bills, these conditions can lead to social isolation and emotional distress.

The Tepezza Lawsuit Landscape 

The Tepezza lawsuit is still in its early stages, with no jury verdicts or settlements as of July 2023. While the FDA has updated Tepezza’s label, plaintiffs are still struggling for compensation and justice for the damage already caused.


Tepezza lawsuits are a testament to the evolving landscape of pharmaceutical litigation. The complexities of these cases are compounded by the unique nature of the drug and the varying experiences of plaintiffs. 

TorHoerman Law emphasizes the importance of approaching expert personal injury lawyers for such cases. They can provide invaluable guidance and legal expertise for medical product liability cases such as the Tepezza lawsuits.

Qualifying for a Tepezza Lawsuit

To determine if you qualify for a Tepezza lawsuit, lawyers may inquire about your Tepezza usage. They may also ask for your medical history. The statute of limitations varies by state, with timelines ranging from two to four years.

Qualifying for a Tepezza lawsuit involves a detailed assessment of an individual’s specific circumstances. This includes their treatment history and the extent of their hearing-related issues. Consulting with an experienced Tepezza attorney is crucial to navigating this complex process.

Final Thoughts

The ongoing battle surrounding the Tepezza lawsuits underscores the complex interplay between pharmaceutical innovation, patient safety, and legal responsibility. As the legal landscape continues to evolve, it’s evident that the Tepezza litigation raises crucial questions. 

There have been questions regarding the adequacy of warning labels, the impact of permanent side effects, and the pursuit of justice for those affected. 

With the FDA’s label update in 2023, there’s recognition of the need for enhanced precautions. However, the journey toward compensation and resolution remains uncertain for plaintiffs. As the pursuit of accountability gets heated, pharmaceutical litigation also evolves. It is evident that expert legal guidance is vital for such complicated cases. 

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