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Plus-Size Models On Instagram: Top 20 You Should Follow

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Plus-size women are thought to be less beautiful than their slimmer counterparts. This is especially true in modeling, where over-the-top thinness has long been the industry norm. However, there has been a backlash against this image in recent years, and an increasing number of plus-size models are finding success on social media sites like Instagram.

Since plus-size models began to gain momentum on Instagram, the site has been increasingly saturated with body-positive messaging. Plus-size models are preaching self-love and acceptance on their platforms, and they’re pushing their fans to do the same.

Plus-size models are quietly altering the way the fashion business operates as they gain popularity on social media. We can tear down the obstacles that have kept plus-size models out of the limelight for so long by having more plus-size models in the public glare.

Just like The top 50 Hottest Instagram Models, here are a handful of our plus-size models on Instagram that we think you’ll enjoy following, in no particular order.

1. Louise O’Reilly@stylemecurvy

Louise O’Reilly is one of these models, with over 146k Instagram followers because of her outspoken body optimism and self-love. She spreads the notion that all bodies are beautiful, regardless of size or form. Her popularity reflects the burgeoning body positivity movement, which is working to remove the prevalent cultural pressure to be slim.

plus size models on Instagram

2. Precious Lee@preciousleexoxo

Precious Lee is a plus-size model who has walked in fashion shows for Christian Siriano and has been featured in magazines such as Essence and Vogue. In other words, she’s a game-changer. She’s been talking about body acceptance and self-love on her social media accounts recently. Her teachings are quite impactful to me as someone who hasn’t always loved her body.

Plus size models

3. Nahuane Drumond@nahuane_d

Nahuane Drumond is a Brazilian plus-size model who is defying stereotypes in the fashion business. She has over 190k Instagram followers because of her un-edited images of herself that display her natural curves. She is a proponent of body positivity and self-love, and she is teaching women all over the globe to accept and love their bodies as they are.

Nahuane Drumon

4.Jasmine Jnad@traprapunzel._

Jasmine Jnad, aka Trappunzel, is a pornographic actor, glamour model, and fashion influencer from the United States. Phone hub, hamster, compose. Me, XNXX.COM, and TXXX.com are just a few of the porn studios and websites where she has worked. Jasmine Jnad has a net worth of $1 million USD. In the year 2022. Her main source of income is from appearing in several movies and porn videos.


5. Erica Lauren@theericalauren

Erica Lauren is a Los Angeles-based plus-size model. She has a bachelor’s degree in music from the University of Southern California. Erica is a member of the CAM Foundation’s board of directors and is enthusiastic about the fashion business. This stunning plus-size model has appeared in advertisements for Lane Bryant, Torrid, Foot Locker, and Walmart. She has also walked the runways in New York and Los Angeles.

plus size models

6. Kellee Moran@kelleemoran

Kellee Moran is a plus-size model and a body image champion. She decided to dedicate her career to promoting positive body images for all women after struggling with her own weight and self-esteem issues. Her modeling work has been featured in magazines and online sites all over the world, and she has walked in fashion shows for some of the world’s most prominent designers. In addition to her modeling career, Kellee regularly lectures about body image and self-acceptance.

Kellee Moran

7. Emma Christina@emmahaggstrom

Emma Christina, sometimes known as Emma Haggstrom, is a Swedish plus-size model. She is based in Cape Town as well. She is a well-known Instagram celebrity. Emma is a proponent of a body-positive lifestyle. She was represented by the most well-known brands and agencies as a super-hot and well-known model. Emma enjoys conducting live streaming shows, as well as her extremely exclusive photoshoot.

Plus size models on Instagram

8. Tara Lynn@taralynn

Tara Lynn is a plus-size model who was born and raised in a tiny town in Oregon. Her work has brought her all over the world. Lynn’s modeling career took off after she was found at a shopping mall at the age of 18, and she has since adorned the pages of publications like Elle and Vogue. Lynn is a pleasant shift in an industry that frequently promotes an unhealthy body image, campaigning for curvier women to be featured in the fashion world. Her message is one of acceptance of oneself.

Plus size models on Instagram

9. Jada Sezer@jadasezer

Plus-size model Jada Sezer is shaking up the business with her outspoken body-positive statements on Instagram. She is demonstrating to the world that different body shapes are attractive, with over 160k followers. Sezer’s teachings of self-acceptance and self-love are reaching people all over the world.

Jada Sezer

10. Denise Mercedes@denisemmercedes

Denise Mercedes is a plus-size model who isn’t hesitant to flaunt her curves on social media. She has over 1.6 million followers on Instagram, where she boldly flaunts her physique in lingerie and bikinis. Denise is well aware that she does not fit the standard notion of beauty, but it does not prevent her from enjoying her curves.

Plus size Models on Instagram

11. Tess Holliday@tessholliday

Tess Holliday is one of the most popular plus-size models on Instagram. She was the first plus-size model to be signed to a major modeling agency in the United States, and she has appeared in magazines such as Cosmopolitan and Harper’s Bazaar.

Tess Holiday

12. Bree Kish@breekish

Bree Kish is an Instagram plus-size model who encourages other women to love their bodies. Her feed is filled with photos and videos of her working out, posing in lingerie, and simply living life. Bree shares unfiltered images of herself and makes no apologies for her curvaceous figure. She also never hesitates to lash back at body-shaming internet bullies. Bree is altering the way people talk about their bodies and self-acceptance.

Plus size models on instagram

13. Bree Warren@breekmccann

Bree Warren is a plus-size model on Instagram who encourages self-love and a good body image by sharing photographs of her workouts, clothes, and vacations. Warren’s work is significant because she is challenging harmful beauty standards for women.

Bree Warren

14. Bella Golden@bellaagolden

Bella Golden isn’t your run-of-the-mill plus-size model. She’s not just stunning, but she’s also revolutionizing the business by encouraging good body image and self-love. Golden rose to prominence after posting photos of herself in lingerie or swimwear on Instagram. She was soon featured in Vogue and Glamour publications.

Bella Golden

15. Brielle Anyea@missesbrielle

Brielle Anyea, also known as Briellexx on Instagram, is a plus-size model with a large following on the social media network. Anyea has utilized her account to track her job as a model, display her personal styling and fashion choices, and deliver motivating messages to her admirers. She also utilizes her platform to criticize the fashion industry for its lack of diversity and lack of good representation of plus-size women.


16. Jill Kortleve@jilla.tequila

Jill Kortleve is a plus-size model who has built a sizable Instagram following by being shameless herself. She shares images from her daily life, generally emphasizing her curves and clothing. Jill has encouraged a lot of individuals to love themselves better and appreciate their own curves.

Plus size models Instagram

17. Denise Bidot@denisebidot

Denise Bidot is the originator of the #NoWrongWayMove and a Puerto Rican/Kuwaiti model. MiLK Models and Muse NYC represent her. Bidot has worked as a model for a variety of companies, including Chromat, Nordstrom, Forever 21, Old Navy, Macy’s, Lane Bryant, Levi’s, and many more. Aside from being a successful model, Bidot is a body-positive campaigner who motivates and encourages all women to take up space, regardless of form or size.

Plus size Models Instagram

18. Iskra Lawrence@iskra

Iskra Lawrence is a plus-size model on Instagram who uses her account to promote positive body image and self-love, encouraging her fans to embrace their own shapes and sizes. She also posts about fitness, travel, food, and fashion proving that you can be a size 14 and still enjoy a glamorous lifestyle.


19. Sheila Lopez@ladivina.latina

Sheila Lopez is an Austin-based plus-size model, stylist, and blogger. The Tejana is the brains behind the website La Divina Latina, where she covers “plus-size fashion, beauty, body acceptance, and wellness” for Latinx women.


20. Marquita Pring@marquitapring

In a world where people are obsessed with staying thin, it can be hard for plus-size models to break into the fashion industry. Marquita Pring is one such model who has been able to defy the odds and make a successful career for herself. She uses her platform to inspire other women to love their bodies.


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Plus-Size Models on Instagram FAQ

How tall do plus-size models have to be?

Depending on the sort of plus-size modeling, the height requirement varies. Fashion models are usually 5’9 to 6′ tall, acceptable models are 5’5 to 5’9′ tall, and business models can be of any height.

How do plus-size models stay in shape?

Curvy models must keep track of their eating habits and exercise consistently in order to maintain a healthy and strong figure. The notion that curvaceous models don’t have to participate in sports is just false.

Why do plus-size models have flat stomachs?

Because the lady isn’t genuinely plus-sized, the modeling profession has stricter criteria, and many women who the general public would consider healthy-looking are deemed excessively overweight by the fashion industry.

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