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150+ Awesome Nature Captions for Instagram

Nature Captions for Instagram
Written by Tosin

You are about to get some awesome Nature Captions for Instagram Posts and videos. Permit me to tell you about nature in the first few lines, I promise you would love it.

Nature is a physical entity; the term was first borrowed from the French word “nature” and then afterwards gotten from the Latin word “natura”, which generally means “essential characteristics ” and it practically meant “birth” in olden history.

Hardly anything equates to the splendour, is it the admiration of the sea, the sky, the habitat of our plants and animals, the immensity of nature’s artistry or from the bloom and beauty of spring, the wonderful colours of fall, the magic winter brings to the liveliness and lastly the spark of summer.

Then you’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for the best nature captions to use on your Instagram page.

Furthermore, nature has always been a motivation for poets of all ages. Here is a poem that defines it at its best;

Nature is beautiful,

Nature is fun,

Love it or hate it,

Nature is something to love,

Nature is god’s gift to us.


-Kerri King

For the complete poem visit PoemHunter.com

It can be tough to put your expression into writing because of the outstanding moment, Here I’ve compiled a list of over 150 awesome nature captions to use for your Instagram!

Best Captions For Nature

The enthralling beauty of nature filled with dazzlingly coloured flowers or condensed plantations with exorbitant trees is always breath-taking thus we have here is a list of the best nature captions for Instagram, you will absolutely find these captions useful for more engagement.

Dolphin in blue sea caption image
  • Always go to the place where you feel the most alive.
  • Bloom where you have been planted.
  • I am a…. tree hugger, lover of nation and flower sniffer.
  • Keep your heart close to nature’s heart.
  • The mountains are calling, and I must go.
  • Nature is not a destination.
  • Mother nature has the best crayon box at home.
  • If you enjoy nature, you will always find it everywhere.
  • Always adopt nature’s pace.
  • The heart that adored her could never betray nature.
  • Allow nature to take its course.
  • The closest thing to Heaven on Earth is nature.
  • You are never alone when you are connected to nature.
  • Above is the sky, below is the earth, and within is peace.
  • Another grand adventure awaits on another day.
  • The beauty of nature is a gift that should be cherished and appreciated.
  • The beauty of nature is found in the details.
  • I believe in God, but I call him nature.
  • Our best selves is adored by nature.
  • I never fail to be astounded by nature.
  • Color is created by light in nature and color creates light in the image by revealing nature’s little joy secret.
  • Each gesture of nature unites the entire world.
  • Endeavour to be a sunshine in somebody else’s cloud.
  • Is there another type? nature’s adventure.
  • Man’s heart hardens when he is separated from nature.
  • Get lost in nature to find your peace.
  • The times I spend in nature are some of the times when I feel the most alive.
  • A friend could be considered as nature’s masterpiece.
  • There’s really something wrong with you if you can’t be in awe of Mother nature.
  • My source of inspiration is nature, and is responsible for the richness I achieve.
  • Wisdom always said the opposite and nature never said one thing.

Peaceful Nature Captions for Instagram Pictures

Have you ever been out and did feel both peaceful and speechless at the beauty on display by Mother nature? There will always be a time when it will bring you peace and calm. Here are some caption ideas for you to use.

Beautiful butterfly Nature Photo
Beautiful butterfly Nature Photo
  • Seek nature’s peace and bliss in the trees, in the wind.
  • That point of view is poetic.
  • The three great healers are nature, time, and persistence.
  • Peace and nature always complement each other better.
  • Every day, nature paints a picture of boundless beauty for us.
  • A stroll through nature is just like seeing a thousand miracles.
  • Love nature as much as you love yourself.
  • My heart has been caught by nature.
  • Get lost in nature and then find peace.
  • The pace of nature calms your heart and awakens your soul.
  • A walk in nature returns the soul home.
  • Embrace nature’s pace; her secret is patience.
  • In its perfect state, nature is poetic, tragic in its fate, and humorous in its existence.
  • You must pay attention closely when nature speaks .
  • The quietness of nature is very genuine. It encompasses you. It’s palpable.
  • An infinite sphere with a center that is everywhere and a circumference that is nowhere is nature.
  • If you truly love nature, you will find it all around you.
  • One touch of nature definitely unites the entire world.

Funny Nature Captions

Here, I came up with a list of funny nature captions for you to use on your Instagram page, they can also be used on other social media platforms as well.

  • Therapy is more expensive than nature.
  • My favorite color is nature.
  • It’s true… nature never goes out of style!
  • Simplicity is appreciated by nature . On the other hand, nature is no fool.
  • I got called by nature, and I replied, “I’m omw.”
  • Mother nature is my type of gal.
  • Allow me to broaden my horizons a little.
  • Having a good time.
  • Get away to nature.
  • Allowing nature to take its course.
  • Discovering myself in the arms of nature.
  • I got lost in nature then I discovered myself
  • Take in the beauty of nature all around you.
  • The name of my specialist is nature.
  • Work of art created by God, made.
  • Time spent in the woods is never wasted.
  • Nature is not a destination. It’s like coming home.
  • Those who find beauty in all of nature will then become one with the mysteries of life itself.
  • Keep your love of nature alive, because it is the only way to truly understand art.

Short Nature Captions

In tribute of our gorgeous nature, I specifically felt the need to share some short nature captions for you to use anytime you need!

  • Live a really simple life.
  • I’ll be out in nature.
  • Immerse yourself in nature.
  • When life hurts nature heals.
  • In the womb of nature.
  • Be a natural force.
  • Mountains Must definitely be Moved.
  • On the other hand, nature is breathtaking.
  • Nature’s power.
  • My home is in the woods.
  • My medicine is in fact nature.
  • All you need at times can be nature.
  • Definitely maintain the natural look.
  • We are surely astounded by nature at every turn.
  • In the lap of nature, bliss.
  • The best designer there is, is certainly nature.
  • Men squabble while nature takes action.
  • You never go out of style with nature.
  • My antidepressant is nature.
  • There is no such thing as nature on the internet.
  • Outline by outline, nature’s quality.
  • Nature at its most beautiful.
  • It is nature calling, and I must pay attention.
  • I never cease to be amazed by nature.
  • The all-encompassing nature.
  • Taking a close look at nature.
  • I live to discover nature.
  • Allow nature to be your inspiration.
  • Everything can benefit from a change of scenery.
  • The best place to heal and recharge is nature.
  • The family is a work of art which is created by nature.
  • What a breathtakingly beauty nature is.
  • Take a detour and take in the scenery.

Quotes About Nature

Looking for the perfect quote about nature to especially complement your picture? Here is a list of the best quotes to use.

  • Nothing and everything are perfect in nature. Trees can be twisted in bizarre ways and yet still be ravishing.
  • Taking a walk in the woods is like witnessing a thousand miracles.
  • If you actually appreciate nature, you will find it everywhere around you.
  • Take a deeper look into nature, then you will gain a better understanding of everything.
  • When nature goes slowly, everything gets done.
  • The earth has music for those who listen accordingly.
  • Rich with the spoils of nature.
  • There are times when solitude is better than society, and silence is wiser than speech.
  • Everything in nature invites us constantly to be what we are.
  • In all things of nature there is surely something of the marvellous.
  • Study nature, love nature, and stay certainly close to nature. It will never fail you.
  • In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.
  • Allow the dead leaves to fall as if you were a tree.
  • By discovering nature, you further discover yourself.
  • Choose only one master specifically nature.
  • I always go to nature to be comforted, and to re-center my senses.
  • Into the forest, I go to lose my mind and find my soul.
  • Rest is not the remedy to exhaustion because it’s all nature.
  • The soul’s tones are constantly found in nature.
  • Firstly the natural world appears to me to be the ultimate source of exuberance; also the largest source of visual beauty; and the prime source of intellectuality. Lastly it is the greatest source of everything that makes life worthwhile.
  • Come forward into the light, and allow nature to be your teacher.
  • It’s natures way of describing, ‘Let’s party!’ because it is spring.
  • My desire is to always be like this, and living discreetly in a natural setting.
  • Human imagination is not just so much significantly larger than nature that I don’t think she’ll let any of us relax!
  • Throughout my life, new natural sights have made me really happy like a baby.
  • If it is to be commanded, nature must always be heeded.
  • Everything gets done even when nature moves slowly,.
  • The purpose of existence is to live in harmony together with nature.
  • Delve deep into nature, then you will give a deeper understanding of just about everything.
  • Shalom in nature is frequently in blossom.
  • Each flower represents a soul blooming in nature.
  • Colors are nature’s smiles.

One-Word Captions

Below are one-word nature captions for Instagram to use for your page to create more engagement.

  • Roam.
  • Free.
  • Wild.
  • Desert.
  • Exploration.
  • Outdoors.
  • Natural.
  • Informative.
  • Wandering.
  • Wildlife.
  • Mind-blowing.
  • Serene.
  • Ramble.
  • Lost.
  • Independence.
  •  Green.
  • Open.
  • Discover.
  • Outlook.
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