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What Is An Instagram Shoutout? All You Need To Know

Written by Yusuf Ali
Tech enthusiast and Internet geek

Welcome to our in-depth look at Instagram Shoutouts. We’ll begin by addressing a frequently asked question: What is an Instagram shoutout? Discovering various types, How to get Instagram shoutouts, and How and why Instagram shoutouts can help your brand. You’ll discover how to leverage this advertising method to increase your brand exposure, gain new Instagram followers, and maximize your influencer marketing plan. Let’s get this party started!

Instagram has grown into a social media superpower as we approach the second quarter of 2022. It is one of the most essential and powerful platforms for consumers, brands, and influencers alike, with more than 1.386 billion users and a rapidly rising base of influencers sending out millions of posts each year. The influencer marketing sector is anticipated to be worth $13.8 billion this year.

What exactly is an Instagram Shoutout?

An Instagram shoutout is basically an advertising method in which a base Instagram user promotes another user, business, or brand on Instagram. Furthermore, an Instagram shoutout often occurs when a base Instagram user produces a post or story that contains content that references the other Instagram user.

Shoutouts are frequently used under the body of influencer marketing, a type of social media marketing that deals with endorsement and product placements.

instagram shoutout
An example of a shoutout post on Instagram

Instagram shoutout posts often include photographs or videos of the account being mentioned. It is one of the quickest and most successful strategies to grow your Instagram following and raise your profile.

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Different Types of Instagram Shoutouts

Let’s take a look at the many types of Instagram shoutout posts and what differentiates them.

By Method of Payment:

  • Shoutout for Shoutout: Also called S4S. It is a straightforward trade in which they agree to give you a shoutout on their page in exchange for you giving them a shoutout on yours.
  • Paid Shoutouts: This method is a common influencer marketing strategy. It is when you pay a user to advertise and advocate your brand, usually in the form of cash or in exchange for access to your service or brand product
  • (Free) Product Sample Shoutout: Almost identical to a paid shoutout, except that instead of money, you give the influencer your product for free or sell it to them at a discount.
  • Shoutout by Oral Communication: This is the most beneficial type of shoutout. A voluntary shoutout occurs when someone is so pleased with your product or service that they decide to share it on Instagram
  • Affiliate marketing shoutout: This shoutout indicates an agreement between the influencer and the brand. The influencer will post a shoutout for the brand, along with their own personal affiliate link.

By Goal:

  • More sales: Influencers can post shoutouts with a call to action encouraging their followers to visit your page or site to buy your product or try out your service.
  • To promote a campaign/launch: This type of interaction can be an excellent way to draw attention to a new product, startup, service, or event.
  • More followers: A shoutout on Instagram is one of the quickest and most effective ways to build a following on the platform.


  • Post in feed: On Instagram, shoutouts can be promoted in-feed by sharing out posts, reels, carousels, and the likes
  • Stories: You can also share shoutouts by stories. Photos and videos that disappear from your profile, feed, and messages after 24 hours unless you add them to your profile as story highlights.

The Science and Art of a Fantastic Instagram Shoutout

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to getting Instagram shoutouts, but there are steps you can take to improve your chances of a positive response from an influencer and also awesome results from the shoutout itself.

1. Look for influencers who post related content to yours:

Using specific hashtags, look for influencers on Instagram. If you’re looking for shoutouts in exchange for shoutouts (S4S), choose pages with a close number of followers to yours to increase your chances of receiving a good response.

Look for influencers who post similar content to yours

2. Choose carefully who you work with:

It won’t help you to get a shoutout from odd pages that aren’t even in your industry. Try and research whoever you want to work with. Look at things like;

  • Their follower count
  • Their profile’s content, feel, and vibe
  • How many likes and comments do their postings often receive?
  • The kind of interactions their postings receive

3. Establish contacts before pitching:

Once you’ve decided on a good influencer page, follow these steps to develop a contact that will increase your chances of getting a beneficial Instagram shoutout:

  1. Follow them on Instagram and their other social media sites and blogs.
  2. Engage with their postings by liking and commenting on them on a frequent basis. Only useful comments should be posted.

4. Send a friendly message or email:

Create a good pitch and select the best channel to approach them through. If they provide an email address in their profile information, you can send them an Instagram DM or an email. Be open and honest about what you need and how you’d like things to turn out.

How to Do a Shoutout on Instagram

There are three basic ways to give a shoutout on Instagram.

Product Photo Shoutout

This shoutout is most effective when promoting brands that have tangible products. To increase viewership, it’s also important to mention the brand or product’s Instagram handle and include trending tags.

Product Photo Shoutout
Here is an instance from popular influencer and comedian Kevin Hart promoting beyond burger plant-based patties.

Shoutout Without a Product Photo

Including a photo of the product isn’t always possible or workable. If you’re promoting a phone camera for instance, you might include images taken by the camera rather than the phone itself. This type of shoutout description is crucial. You should still mention and hashtag your way to a viral post, but you should also add more text to describe the product and why it works. Encourage your followers to check out the product with a call to action link.

Story Shoutout

Posts aren’t the only way to get your message out. Instagram stories can be up to 15 seconds long and contain graphics, texts, clickable hashtags, and mentions. They last for 24 hours and can include graphics, texts, clickable hashtags, and mentions.

Story Shoutout

How Can I Find Instagram Shoutout Pages?

The first step toward finding Instagram shoutout pages is by doing basic research to find relevant pages. This will take some hours in order to find the perfect page, but if done properly would turn out well

Begin with hashtags that are specific to your industry. Websites like BestHashtags and TagsFinder can help you find popular hashtags.

If you’re selling women’s clothing, for example, some nice tags to start your research with are:

  • #womenswear
  • #womensweardesigner
  • #womenswearfashion
  • #womensweardaily
  • #fashionwomenswear

You can also come up with your own ideas or get inspiration from your searches. I recommend keeping a list handy so you can refer to it as a “database.”

Once you’ve compiled a list of hashtags, enter them into the Instagram search bar and scroll through profiles until you find some good candidates.

Should You Invest in Instagram Shoutouts?

In a world where digital marketing has become a trend, buying Instagram shoutouts is a viable option.

Paid Instagram shoutouts can be a great way to gain exposure, build trust with your target audience, and ultimately boost sales if you’re careful about who you work with and how you approach the situation.

Simply keep it safe and avoid falling into shady or fake influencers, you do not only risk being duped, but you also risk damaging your brand’s reputation.

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Final Thoughts

To sum up everything, Instagram shoutouts are greatly beneficial to a business in a couple of ways. Firstly, they will get both likes and followers and thus make the business look more popular. Secondly, as other people use such a service, more and more customers may start to use it too. Some also think that free advertising is another advantage of shoutouts. However, for one to be truly successful, new businesses need to have a good product that has captured people’s interest. Also, shout-out websites should have a good reputation and should provide reasonable prices for their services.

Instagram Shoutout FAQ

What should I say in a Shoutout on Instagram?

You could say a lot of things, but the basics are just about advertising a business, brand, creative, product, or whatever you’re trying to shout out. Introduce them and say whatever will improve the reach of their brand.

How do you give a Shoutout on Instagram?

We’ve discussed that in this article. You can refer back and check it out.

How to give a shoutout to an artist on Instagram?

You could do that by posting a video of them on your story, reels, or post and providing a link to their music.

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