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How to Use Linktree to Add Links to Your Instagram Bio

Written by Yusuf Ali
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If you have come here seeking instructions on how to use Linktree to add links to your Instagram bio, you’re undoubtedly well aware that Instagram’s regulations on sharing links are rather severe.
Adding links to feed posts isn’t possible, and “swipe up” links in stories are only available to bigger accounts. All Instagram users have access to the bio area, which is the only location where they may add a link. To be accurate, one link.
Now, seeing the problem, there has to be a solution, right? What if I want to add too many links? Under those kinds of circumstances, the use of Linktree comes in.

Before we dive in check out How to add a link to Instagram Bio.

What is Linktree?

How to use linktree

Linktree is a landing page solution for social media that allows users to display their web links. You can use it anywhere, not only on Instagram. On numerous platforms, it may be used to collect money, sell items, exchange content, and grow your following.

For example, you could wish to include a link to your blog, YouTube channel, Twitter account, Amazon listing for your latest book, or Facebook profile. Rather than choosing just one of those URLs to include in your profile’s website section, you can create a page that includes all of them. Followers will be able to pick which one they want to visit. You can also use the platform to collect payments, sell products, share content, and grow your audience on various platforms.

How to Create a Linktree Page

Step 1: Go to the linktree website

In a web browser, go to “linktr.ee” to register

How to use linktree

Step 2: Fill in your information

Enter your email address, username, and password, then click the “Sign up with email” button.

Signing up to linktree

Step3: Select a category

Put in your name, select a category that best describes your profile, then select your creative category (optional), and then select Continue.

How to use linktree

Step 4: Pick a plan

Pick your plan based on the features you need. Select Free, or Starter for $5, Pro for $9, and Premium for $24.99.

How to use linktree

Step 5: Email verification

They will provide you with a verification link via email. After you’ve verified your email, click CONTINUE TO MY LINKTREE.

Verification on linktree

Step 6: Add links

Click the purple “Add New Link” button, then add a title and the link. The link can be displayed using the Preview button beneath. Repeat this step as many times as you like to add as many links as you like.

How to use linktree

Step 7: Organize your links

To rearrange links, click the three grey dots on the left and drag the link into position. Select the trash can symbol to remove a link.

How to use linktree

Step 8: Page modification

Select Settings from the top menu to modify your page. From the settings page, you can show your support for important causes with a profile banner, mailing list integrations for pro users, set up a provider to collect tips or payments, analytics, display social icons and also set up a sensitive content message for your page if applicable.

Step 9: Customize the appearance of your linktree

Change the appearance of your landing page by selecting Appearance. Choose a theme and upload a profile photograph. Scroll down to further modify your landing page if you have the Pro feature.

Step 10: Share your linktree on other platforms

When you’re finished, click Share and then either copy my profile URL, download my profile QR code, share my Linktree, or add Linktree to your social media.

How to use linktree

After creating your landing page, you can now add Linktree to your social media pages such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others.

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Include a link to your Linktree profile in your Instagram bio.

Now that you have created a Linktree profile. How do you add it to your Instagram Bio?

Step 1: Log in to your Instagram page and go to your profile

Select the profile icon in the lower-right corner of the Instagram app

Instagram homepage

Step 2: Edit profile

Click on Edit Profile

How to use linktree

Step 3: Add your linktree URL to the website section

Enter your Linktree link next to the Website space, then press the mark icon on the top right corner of the edit page. Your Linktree link has been added to your Instagram profile.

How to use linktree

Using Linktree, Learn How to Make The Most of the Link in Your Instagram bio.

Linktree has a lot of cool features that can be used to do things such as sell products, share content, grow your audience, and get insights into your numerous links.

Moreover, as an artist, writer, designer, influencer, politician, non-governmental group, artisan, or business, you can make use of the solution to set up payment links, link to portfolios, donations, and streaming apps such as Youtube and Spotify, book websites, and so many others.

Furthermore, as an influencer, it can help to grow your reach on many other social media platforms, and as a business, you could have links to your websites and so many other things all incorporated into your IG Bio.
Also, your landing page can be customized using colors, images, and fonts to give link visitors an aesthetic appeal to your page and also make visitors feel comfortable and secure using your links. Here are some tips to help you create a good landing page.

  1. Give Time for Design
  2. Keep Things Organized
  3. Use Clear Link Names
  4. Be Unique and Pass your Message Concisely.
    Adding a Linktree link to your Instagram Bio is very easy but the work comes in on creating the landing page and making it look as good as possible. Once you’ve established a good landing page then you can go on to add it to your Instagram Bio where people can start connecting with you.

Instagram Users’ Linktree Samples

  1. @atomicmari on Instagram

2. @rupaulofficial on Instagram

3. @coterieband on Instagram

4. @ecohairstylist on Instagram

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And that’s a wrap.

Linktree has become a very effective landing page solution for social media that allows users to put themselves out there, and the tool makes it easier for a lot of things to be done especially on Instagram.


Is Linktree a good Idea?

Linktree is a great tool and it is empowering to use it as a go-to tool for links on Instagram Bio and other places.

Do you earn money from Linktree?

Although Linktree is not a monetization platform, many influencers utilize their Linktree landing sites to promote deals they have secured elsewhere.

Can someone see if you click on their Linktree?

Yes, a green number appears next to your profile photo. It shows how many times you’ve looked at their profile.

Can you collect emails on Linktree?

You may add an Email Signup link field to your Linktree so that your visitors can simply join your mailing lists.

How do I find someone on Linktree?

You may find someone else’s bio by clicking on their name above a post in your feed, or by searching for them.

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