How To Hire Ios Developer For Your Business?


Since the advent of smartphones, Android and iOS have been the flag bearers and the leading mobile OS platforms. As a matter of fact, these operating systems have a combined market share of 99.6%, grabbing the position of most sought-after operating systems across the globe. Even though there are 20.38% of Apple mobile devices, iOS users spend more time on premium features of an app or even entirely paid apps. And this fact is enough to come to the conclusion that there is an increased demand for iOS app development services in the market.

But the main concern that comes up here is about companies who are finding it challenging to hire iOS app developers to build engaging and flawless business apps.

Hence, this blog is going to resolve the issue faced by entrepreneurs and businesses who are actively hiring iOS app developers. Read till the end to know the basics of hiring iOS developers for your business.

Roles & responsibilities of iOS app developer

1. Senior iOS Developer

  • Possess 5 or more years of experience.
  • Experienced in creating successful iOS applications.
  • Competencies are diverse and extensive.
  • Ideal for developing complex apps.
  • Proficient in managing business processes, leading product testing, market research, API integration, and more.

2. Intermediate iOS developer

  • Have 2-5 years of experience.
  • Suitable for both simple and advanced tasks.
  • Do not require full-time mentorship.
  • Can work independently and guide junior staff.

3. Junior iOS developer

  • Entry-level iOS specialists.
  • Work alongside experienced developers to learn and improve their skills.
  • Initially handle simpler tasks.
  • Expected to progress to mid-level within a year or so.
  • Typically having less than 2 years of experience.

Technical expertise required in an iOS app developer

There are a number of factors that influence the choice of iOS app developers you should hire. For eg., the developer’s area of expertise, grade, and relevant field experience. You should know that iOS developers who have worked in multiple sectors are possibly ranked higher than others. Suppose, a freelance iOS developer who delivered projects in fintech, e-health, and web security will command a higher bar of salary as compared to the one who has largely worked on just eCommerce app development projects.

Not just expertise, but the technical skills of a developer is also an important aspect that shouldn’t be missed. These skills act as a backbone for the developers to cope with the basic difficulties and efficiently manage the development process.

Your ideal iOS developer should have the following essential skills:

  • Basic understanding of UI/UX
  • Knowledge of API integration skills
  • Language skills – objective-C/Swift iOS
  • Hands-on experience with the Xcode IDE
  • Spatial reasoning (creative & logical thinking)
  • Practical knowledge of Realm or core data
  • Understanding of Apple-Human interface guidelines
  • Proficiency in advanced code versioning instrument
  • Metal and openGL knowledge is a Plus

In addition to that, iOS developers may need to learn capabilities such as Reality Kit and ARKit 3 as the iOS platform is continuously improving and expanding into new areas like AR/VR, blockchain and many more.

When you hire an iOS app development team while considering these skills, you can expect them to provide next-generation outputs. Although not every client will demand for such AR-based experiences, some of these skills may be used relatively at times.

Factors to consider before hiring an iOS app developer

1. Know the app you want to create

A business organization must decide what type of iOS app it requires. If the company is unclear, it will not hire remote iOS app developers with extensive technical knowledge.

2. Understand the portfolios

A thorough portfolio examination will provide a thorough understanding of the iOS app development services provider’s experience and technical expertise. As a business with a clearer picture, you will make better business decisions and hire iOS developers more effectively.

3. Significance of communication skills

After evaluating the technical capabilities of the iOS development service provider, pay close attention to their communication abilities. Furthermore, when you decide to outsource the iOS app development project, seek out the country or region with the best communication skills. Before selecting an app development company, pay close attention to how the company communicates in the early stages.

4. Read reviews from clients

Ratings and reviews are critical cogs in understanding the credibility of the iOS app development service provider. Carefully watch out for the ratings and reviews section and read the feedback provided by the company’s previous customers.

5. Understanding of new technologies

Make sure that iOS developers stay updated with evolving technologies like ARKit for augmented reality experiences and Core ML 3 for advanced machine learning capabilities. These skills are vital in 2023 for creating engaging and user-friendly apps that leverage the power of CPU, GPU, and neural engines.

6. Cultural fit

Skills are not enough to guarantee an important fit for your team. It’s better to assess the candidate based on the culture of your organization. Hire a person who can easily fit in your team’s environment and mindset, ensuring smoother and faster progress.

How to find & hire the best iOS app developer?

Well, there are several ways to find them. As proof, more than 1/3rd of the budding startups rely on referrals while other companies take the help of professional platforms. Below is the list of best choices business companies can consider while hiring iphone app development company.

1. Technology events

You can also look to hire your developers at various tech events. That’s an alternative to referrals where you will get a chance to meet a rich and vast pool of skilled developers and industry experts.

What’s more is even if you don’t end up getting the right developers at a tech event, you will have a network of valuable contacts across industries that will be handy in the future.

List of leading annual tech events includes:

  • THAT Conference
  • Code Mobile
  • UberConf
  • Appdevcon
  • DroidCon

2. Asking for referrals

Imagine as a client, if you ask for referrals looking for iOS developers, there are maximum chances that someone in your community or professional groups may bring up something that suits your project requirements. Even though, it is a lengthy and time-consuming process, it needs you to go through a long list of business-like contacts.

3. Online Platforms

By far, one of the cheapest option to hire iOS developers. There are various hiring platforms available on the internet that collect important information about outsourcing app development companies and freelancers. Using these platforms, business houses can find and hire an iOS app developer as per their requirements.

Let’s have a look at the list of platforms that provide information about full-time employees, IT or software development companies and freelancers.

  • For Full-Time employees:
  • Indeed
  • Glassdoor
  • Dice
  • LinkedIn
  • For App/software development companies
  • co
  • GoodFirms
  • co
  • IT Firms
  • 99Firms
  • For Freelancers
  • Fiver
  • Total
  • 99designs
  • Fiverr
  • AngelList

Cost to hire iOS developers

One of the important decisions to make while hiring developers is their hourly rates. These rates vary on the basis of

  • the hiring option you choose
  • the country you’re looking to work in
  • the location of iOS developers (if they’re working remote)

According to Glassdoor, the average cost of iOS app development services per hour for a developer is

  • Basic iOS Developer: $16+
  • Intermediate-Advanced iOS Developer: $35+
  • iOS Developer and UI/UX Designer: $50+

Final takeaway

In a nutshell, opting for iOS app development will open a myriad of options for your business product to expand and scale to new heights. But it is essential for business owners to be vigilant enough while hiring iOS developers. To hire effectively, start by understanding your project’s needs, goals, and budget. Define the qualifications and experience level required, review portfolios, check client feedback, and conduct interviews. If this process seems overwhelming, consider our top flutter app development company, offering you the best options for a successful project. Making the right choice is essential for your business to thrive in the world of iOS app development.

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