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How Does Instagram Make Money: Top 3 ways

how to deos Instagram make money
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Most people are curious to know how Instagram make money. The main purpose of any company or organization is to make money. We all know Instagram to be a social media platform for sharing media and communicating with family and friends.

Nevertheless, an organization that can’t make money will run down in no time regardless of its popularity.

While Instagram is a free app where we all share memories, digest content and learn new things and meet new friends, Instagram still makes a substantial amount of money, the surprising thing here is that, if you are a novice, you won’t realise.

Myth: Instagram doesn’t make money when you share media or when you communicate with your family and friends through the platform because all these features are free to use.

Instagram Makes money directly via;

1. Digital advertising Service

2. Instagram shopping Service

3. Creator tools

How Does Instagram Make Money?

1. Revenue From Digital Advertising

Digital advertising is the communication established by an organization to promote and advertise its product, brand, or service using different platforms and digital channels.

Because Instagram is the leading social media platform in the world, it allows businesses to advertise on the platform.

This kind of promotion can also be done on platforms like Google, Youtube, Twitter and many more.

In this era, social media is one of the most efficient means of communicating with your audience, especially as research shows that users spend nearly one hour a day on these channels.

Therefore, For those individuals, businesses, politicians and many more who want to strengthen brand awareness and their digital presence, it is essential to be present on Instagram and other social media platforms which can help them to create awareness about their products and services.

The answer: How Does Instagram Make Money through Digital Advertisement

An ad that is promoted through Instagram is shown on the feed, stories, Explore Tab, IGTV & Reels. The ads come in different formats like photo ads, video ads, or collection ads.

Here is an example of an Instagram Ad below; A brand called “Istock” promoting its service Via Instagram Ads.

Instagram sponsored ads example
Instagram Ad Example

Instagram also shares a cut of the money they get from advertising through IGTV with its creator. The more people promote their products through Instagram, the more Instagram makes money.

 2. Instagram Shopping

Instagram Shopping is a set of features on Instagram that allows people to shop your pictures and videos. It gives your business a captivating storefront for people to explore your products. It was first introduced on Instagram towards the end of 2016.

This includes Shops, shopping tags, Shop in Explore, Product detail page Ads with product tags, collections.

How Does Instagram Make Money through Instagram Shopping

In March 2019, Instagram enable users to checkout within the Instagram app itself, reducing the friction in the buying journey and eliminating stress. Similar to the Shoppable posts feature, Instagram charges sellers a fee.

3. Creator Tools

Creators are like the backbone of content, and content is the backbone of user growth and engagement. So let say a platform depends on content generated by it users. Encouraging users to make content by paying them can get them to produce more content.

There are competitors like YouTube paying content creators, non-paying platforms became a little less attractive for creators.

For that reason, Instagram has been adding new features which will be of help to content creators and also help them make money from Instagram and establish a direct relationship with fans.

Furthermore, apart from the revenue generated from sharing ads, content creators on Instagram generate revenue from badges, which are ways for fans to show support to creators during a live broadcast.

When users buy badges during a live video, a heart icon appears next to their name in the comments.

If users who have bought the badges ask questions during the live session, the question is highlighted. Creators receive a 100% of the money gotten from the sales of the badges and Instagram won’t deduct any commission. 

 How Does Instagram Make Money with Creator Tools

Instagram generates money through the content people create. Instagram posts this content on IGTV and it gives 55% of the money it makes to the person that created the content while it takes the rest. Easy money, right?

How Instagram Make Money from Ads

Instagram makes money through the platform mainly by advertising. Estimated $26Billion In ads Revenue in 2021 as reported by Emarketer. All the sponsored posts and stories you see on your timeline or Insta-story is paid for by advertisers which in turn generates revenue for Instagram.

How Does Instagram’s Advertising Work?

Instagram allows brand owners, organizations, companies, etc. to pay for advertisements on the app. These ads will appear in your Instagram timeline along with posts from people you follow.
Since Instagram has over 1 billion users, it is a great platform for companies to advertise on if they want to increase their sales or make their product or brand known to the public.

Summary: How Does Instagram Make Money

Instagram makes money mainly through sharing of ads. Other means through which the company generates revenue are Instagram shopping and the creator tool.

These are one way or another related to adverting or selling ideas to the audience.

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