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Forex Traders On Instagram – 20 Most Followed

Forex Traders on Instagram
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Forex traders are interested in social media platforms because they can connect with other traders and learn new things. They have the ability to interact with traders but also communicate with influencers and media experts. Here we will be discussing some of the most popular forex traders on Instagram, who are followed by a significant number of people because they provide quality content, especially related to trading strategies and tips.

Traders, especially those trading forex, are very engaged with their clients. They take an active interest in their success stories, providing insights into how they were able to master the market and make huge profits. They also post pictures of their favorite meals and travel destinations, which can give a glimpse into their lives outside of business. This can sometimes leave non-active traders wondering where all these traders go out to eat and sleep.

The forex market is a highly volatile and competitive market. It’s not easy to make a profit in this market, so traders have to be creative in order to succeed. Instagram has become the most popular social media platform for traders because it offers them a way to connect with other traders and share their trades and strategies with each other.

There are so many forex traders on Instagram these days that it can be hard to decide who is actually making money or just faking it. Just like Top 20 Food Bloggers on Instagram, these are the top forex traders on Instagram that you should follow if you want to learn more about the financial market.

1. Steven Hart@thetradingchannel

The Trading Channel’s CEO, Steven Hart, provides followers with helpful trading guidance. The Trading Channel is a well-liked option for many individuals who wish to learn more about the financial market. It is rated among the top YouTube trading channels and provides free starting lessons, guidance on indicators and charts, as well as dynamic techniques and how to employ them.

Check out the top Forex and Forex-related hashtags that you should be using to boost your engagement and reach.

2. Kiana Danial@investdiva

Kiana Danial is the CEO of Invest Diva, a financial literacy best-selling book, and a professional finance expert who contributes to Nasdaq. Her life’s work is to use education to empower women to take charge of their financial futures. Kiana is the author of Cryptocurrency Investing for Dummies and Invest Diva’s Guide to Making Money in Forex. Kiana writes for The Wall Street Journal, Time, Forbes, Fox News, and TheStreet and is an authority on wealth management and cryptocurrencies. She was recognized as the 2018 Investor Fund Awards’ Personal Investment Expert of the Year and one of the 2016 Women of Influence in the New York Business Journal.

3. Samuel Leach@samuelleach

Following his graduation from college, Samuel Leach worked for one of the top independent private banks in the UK before establishing Samuel and Co. Trading in 2012. Since then, the business has earned international CPD accreditation. Samuel is one of the well-known forex traders on Instagram and he also writes for Forbes, where he frequently discusses the stocks he is following and the reasons why he believes particular stocks ought to be on a trader’s watchlist. Samuel has been highlighted in numerous prestigious media outlets, including City AM, Reuters, Forbes, and many more.

4. Walter Peters@nakedforexnow

Popular Forex trader Walter Peters has been profiled in publications including The Wall Street Journal, Yahoo! Finance, and TradingMarkets.com, to mention a few. The exclusive online trading forum Naked Forex Now is where he now collaborates with a smaller group of traders after previously concentrating on share trading. Walter has worked as a hedge fund trader, best-selling author, and psychology professor.

5. Austin Netzley@netzley

Best-selling author Austin Netzley is also a very wealthy businessman and investor. He was a former professional athlete who later became an engineer. He overcame enormous college debt by studying the strategies of the world’s most prosperous business people. Austin started ONE Pursuit Investments and is the host of YoPro Wealth, a popular podcast and blog where he shares his mistakes, triumphs, and tips for novice and experienced FX traders. Austin’s book, Make Money, Live Wealthy, is motivational. Austin is passionate about assisting others in changing their financial thinking and making money.

6. Reuben Singh@singhreuben

The British businessman Reuben Singh was born in 1976. He founded the retail brand Miss Attitude after completing studies in politics, English, and business studies and earning a General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE). Reuben Singh founded the contact center business alldayPA in 2000, and in 2018 he was named CEO of the private equity firm Isher Capital. This well-known forex trader is also known for being a philanthropist and for obtaining numerous awards and distinctions, including being named one of the World Economic Forum’s Global Leaders of Tomorrow and one of the youngest self-made millionaires in the world.

7. Lydia Idem@faithmight

Lydia Idem is a well-known member of the financial world with more than 24 years of expertise in the currency and equity markets. She is a trader, an investor, and a counselor. She founded FM Capital Group in 2014 and is co-author of the books The StockTwits Edge and Trading: The Best of The Best. Lydia has been profiled in numerous publications, including CNNMoney, FORBES Magazine, and Yahoo! Finance. Lydia is renowned for being one of the top financial ladies to follow.

8. Jabulani Ndlovu@cashflowngcobo

Engineering, science, and technology are the interests of Jabulani Ndlovu. He was raised in a home filled with hardship. He is one of South Africa’s youngest millionaires at only 27 years old. Early on, he began to trade the financial markets. His major goal as a motivational speaker is to encourage others to achieve success similar to his.

9. Jason Stone @millionaire_mentor

Jason Stone is a young entrepreneur and motivational speaker, and his website is chock-full of trading advice, motivational sayings, and recommendations. For further trading advice. Stone is one of the most popular forex traders on Instagram and has established a solid reputation as a social media marketer and influencer after successfully launching multiple six-figure Instagram platforms.

10. Idris Tabrizi@trade_simple_fx

Idris Tabrizi is one of the popular forex traders on Instagram, and he offers his courses at a great discount. The price of a course automatically includes lifelong membership access, 121 mentorship sessions, private chat assistance, live trading sessions, and many other benefits. Here, traders will receive a thorough introduction to the forex market; learn how to use trading tools; navigate trading platforms; and master trend trading; in addition to learning trading psychology, habits, and other essentials.

11. Madiba of Forex@madibaofforex

An entrepreneur and coach from South Africa named Madiba of Forex teaches novice traders how to trade forex and offers trading signals so that they may decide what to do next with more knowledge. Traders who want to receive indications for currencies, Nasdaq, and USA30 must pay a membership fee.

12. Kimberly Torres@theforexchick

After retiring as a nurse, Kimberly Torres became a very wealthy analyst of Indices trading. She is a well-known trader who inspires others. She also instructs novice traders and does motivating speeches. Kimberly holds live trading webinars and uses Instagram to give trading advice and images of her opulent lifestyle.

13. Hannah@hannahforex

Hannah is an entrepreneur and professional Forex trader at OZO Capital. She has nearly 100,000 subscribers on Youtube and most of her Forex videos can be found on her Youtube channel. She recently graduated from university and has been trading Forex for more than 2 years. Hannah uses Instagram to post inspirational videos and share trading tips and believes that the journey to success is as important as success itself.

14. The Chosen One@fx_margin_call

The Chosen One is a self-taught Forex trader who mostly concentrates on posting trading charts and margin calls. On this account, you will also find a number of useful hints for analyzing chart patterns, as well as videos on the psychology of trading, index volatility, and market analysis.

15. Shabs Fazl@shabzfazl

Shabs Fazl works as a market analyst and trader at AstroForex (@astroforex). She posts pictures of her opulent lifestyle on her Instagram page, yet she can be reached on Whatsapp for trading support and advice. If you want to work with her directly, you may get in touch with AstroForex using the support email address.

16. Sabina Goliášová@sabgoliasova

Young businesswoman and Forex trader Sabina Goliáová also promotes a balanced lifestyle to her followers by hosting workshops on the subject. Despite being an active Forex trader and spending a lot of time at the gym, with her friends, and with her family, she does not appear to place a high priority on luxury.

17. Shaquel Samaai@shaquel_samaai_

Shaquel Samaai, a professional day trader and a young entrepreneur, founded Thee Forex Elitment, a provider of Forex signals, educational materials, and trading guidance. He has a highly likable attitude and frequently publishes videos and quotes that are inspirational. You can get in touch with him directly or through his company if you need professional guidance and assistance.

18. Ref Wayne@refwayne

Ref Wayne has acquired the trading talents that he can apply to the company after growing up with few prospects for job advancement. This became his main motivator to invest a lot of time and energy into trading, and he amassed a fortune. Pip Coin, the first cryptocurrency developed in South Africa, was created by Ref Wayne, an entrepreneur who also invests heavily in promoting good financial literacy among South Africans. Ref Wayne founded the African Forex Institute and provided selected community members with free Forex training.

19. Nelisiwe Masango@nelisiwe_masang0

The CEO of the forex trading firm Ubuntu Invest is Nelisiwe Masango. Nelisiwe initially intended to study to be a neurosurgeon, but she fell in love with money and investments instead. Along with the creator and CEO of Discovery, Adrian Gore, Nelisiwe Masango has received numerous honors, including the coveted Frost & Sullivan African Growth Innovation & Leadership Award. Nelisiwi has made it her personal goal to assist in educating people about wealth creation and financial freedom.

20. Nick Syiek@a1trading

Nick Syiek developed A1 Trading Company, an investing research platform that offers training materials, chat rooms, and more to present and aspiring day traders. In order to help you become a more knowledgeable trader, they also provide webinars, online courses, one-on-one coaching with market analysts, and other tools.


Overall, it’s wise to follow the 20 Best Forex Instagram accounts. A list of “insta-traders” to keep a trader’s eye on the prize is typically quite beneficial. Inspiration may frequently play a significant role in keeping a trader motivated in those lost moments.

Bonus: You can check out ICT on Youtube. He is one of the finest mentors in the forex industry.

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