Find your human hair wig beauty in Ohmypretty


For the wig choice, the human hair wigs can be considered at first as they are high quality and can be used for a long lifespan. With glueless wigs or glue wigs that can be selected, Ohmypretty offers different types of human hair wigs on black Friday for black girls. Through different types of human hair wigs to achieve the different wig styles.

Five types of human hair wigs recommendation

Wear go wigs

Wear go wigs, as one type of glueless wigs, without the glue used and security through the 3D dome cap and adjustable strap. Even wear go wigs can be worn in 30 seconds but provide a natural look through pre cut HD lace.

The wear go wigs come with a 6×4 lace size, which hides the forehead around the hairline sufficiently, this leads to a more natural hairline for wearers in the side part, middle part, or C part. Besides, the wear goes wigs are made of pre bleached knots, pre cut lace, leaving the melt effect for wearers.

Hd lace wigs

When talking about Swiss HD lace, we all know that they provide transparent, fine, and delicate feels for wearers, they create the melt effect for all skin tones. The HD lace materials are widely used in the different lace wigs in Ohmypretty, such as lace frontal wigs, lace closure wigs, glueless lace wigs, wear go wigs, and so on.

HD lace wigs offer the chance for black girls to change the different hairstyles as desired, including some hairstyles requiring to exposure the scalp. This invisible effect of HD lace wigs led to the popular of them in different human hair wig types.

Colored wigs

Colored wigs, each girl may desire to try different colors of hair, whatever lighter color or darker color, these colored wigs can be selected for your daily. The lighter color wigs are more suitable to wear in warm weather and casual occasions to improve the mood and enjoy the colorful life. Darker color wigs are more natural for daily, formal occasions to express the glamorous and personality.

The benefits of color wigs are they leave more potential for your appearance and create complete feelings. The colored wigs allow the wearers to find the beauty of themselves in uniqueness for different occasions.

Under $100 wigs

If you desire to find the human hair wigs more affordable, the Ohmypretty provides human hair wigs under $100.

The under $100 wigs involve types like bob wigs, headband wigs, and U part wigs are more affordable than other types, these types come with human hair wigs, however, they belong to the wigs made by machines. The benefits of these wigs are easy to maintain and affordable for girls, however, the shortage maybe they are limited in styles.

The human hair wigs in Ohmypretty ensure the high quality of each human hair wig, including hand-tie human hair wigs and made by machine-human hair wigs. The high quality human hair wigs provide soft, natural bouncy, smooth, and luster hair, and also provide more styling chances for wearers.