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Famous Instagram Dancers – Top 20 You Should Be Following

Written by Abdulbaasit
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Instagram is one of the world’s largest social networks and is dominated by dancing. If you search for “Instagram dancers” or “Instagram dance” on the platform, you’ll find thousands of accounts of people who post elaborate choreography and often receive millions of views and comments. But while Instagram dancing is a huge industry, it’s also incredibly hard to break into. If you want to become an Instagram dancer, you won’t achieve it overnight.

If you’re looking for inspiration and guidance on how to become a famous Instagram dancer, look no further than the most popular and highest-profile influencers out there. As Instagram continues to evolve and become a more vital part of our daily lives, the platform has become an invaluable platform for influencers to build their brands and connect with their fans. Because of this, Instagram dancers are among the most in-demand and highest-paid influencers on the platform. However, while they may be famous, you shouldn’t be intimidated or scared to follow them, because they’re worth it.

Just like The top 20 Famous Hip Hop Models on Instagram, here are the top 20 famous Instagram dancers that we believe you should be following. At the very least, these influencers will motivate you to improve your dancing skills.

1. Chelsie Hightower@chelshightower

Chelsie Kay Hightower is a ballroom dancer who was born on July 21, 1989. She grew up in Orem, Utah, after being born in Las Vegas, Nevada. She made her television debut at the age of 18 on season four of So You Think You Can Dance. Chelsie is most known for her Emmy-nominated performances with Mark Kanemura in a remake of Leona Lewis’s “Bleeding Love” choreographed by Nappytabs and with Joshua Allen in Dmitry Chaplin’s “A Los Amigos.” She is most known for her appearances as a professional dance partner, trainer, and choreographer on the ABC competition show Dancing with the Stars, where she was a professional from Season 8 through 15, missing Season 13.

Chelsie Hightower

2. Maddie Ziegler@maddieziegler

Maddie Ziegler was born in the United States in the year 2002. She is an actress and dancer from the United States who has been in a number of television advertisements and music videos. Her appearances on Dancing With the Stars, Disney Channel, and Lifetime have made her a household name. In 2016, Ziegler was a judge on So You Think You Can Dancing: The Next Generation, she toured with Sia in North America and Australia, and in 2017 she gave dance tours with her sister, Mackenzie. Her memoir, The Maddie Diaries, was a New York Times Best Seller in 2017.

Instagram Dancer

3. Alexander Chung@alexander.chung

Alexander Chung was born in Canada on May 25th, 1992, and he is well-known as a choreographer. He went to Maxwell International School and was given the chance to choreograph for the school’s company for three weeks in Switzerland and Germany. Alexander was a dance composition student at Victoria School of Performing and Visual Arts when he graduated from high school. He is well known for choreographing dance routines for Taylor Hatala, including “Watch Me” by Silento and “Bang Bang” by Nicki Minaj. He is the founder of the NXG Dance Company and the artistic director of The Kore Dance Studio.

Instagram Dancer

4. Nastya Nass@nastya_nass_

Nastya Nass was born on December 5, 1994, and is of Ukrainian descent. She speaks Ukrainian, Russian, and English. Nastya Nass is a well-known Ukrainian fitness trainer, twerking instructor, model, and social media influencer. She rose to prominence after posting twerk dancing videos on her YouTube and Instagram pages. Her workouts include aerobic and weight training with twerking. Her self-titled YouTube channel has over 1.18 million followers and has received over 126.8 million views.


5. Montana Tucker@montanatucker

Montana Tucker, a pop singer, dancer, and songwriter, was born on January 18, 1993, in Boca Raton, Florida, the United States. At a young age, Tucker got her start in the entertainment business. She began modeling at the age of eight. Tucker has been in a number of well-known national advertisements as a kid artist. At the 2007 Super Bowl party, Tucker was one of the featured acts. Montana Tucker won the ‘World Hip Hop Championships,’ a competition in which she battled against dancers from all around the world. Tucker has performed as a dancer for a number of well-known musicians, including Ciara, Pitbull, and Lil Wayne.


6. Hamilton Evans@mrhamiltonevans

Hamilton Evans was born in England, United Kingdom, on March 20, 1989. He is well-known as a choreographer. He has collaborated with Sheaden Gabriel, a dancer. Hamilton is a dancer and choreographer located in Los Angeles who teaches at The Edge and Millennium Dance Complex. He choreographed the gymnastics opening ceremony at the London Olympics. He earned teaching gigs at Pineapple Dance Studios and Studio 68 after graduating from a prominent professional dance college in London. Hamilton started He London Apparel, a clothing business. He worked at L’Oreal Paris London as a creative director.

Instagram dancer

7. Janelle Ginestra@janelleginestra

Janelle Ginestra is an American actress and dancer who was born in 1989 in California. Following her appearances on The X Factor (US), Glee, and Fired Up, she came to notoriety. Janelle is also recognized for her collaborations with choreographers like as Dejan Tubic and Will DaBeast Adams. She’s also appeared on the reality TV show Step It Up and Dance, where she demonstrated her dancing abilities. Janelle also has a YouTube channel called MissJanelleG, which has over 400k subscribers. She demonstrates her dancing techniques and choreography there.


8. Sean Lew@seanlew

Sean Lew, a multi-talented actor, and filmmaker was born on November 25, 2001, in Walnut, California. He has now gone on to start a line of items with his sisters, Serris and Sarah Lew, and establish an ever-growing firm named “Lewser,” despite his remarkable history in dancing, acting, and even gastronomy. Lew competed in World of Dance seasons one and two, reaching the Divisional Final in the second season with his long-time dance partner Kaycee Rice. He debuted his long-awaited self-directed dance film “II: An Unspoken Narrative” on February 26, 2021, after many years of producing and undertaking dance and cinema-related projects in various roles. The film included Lew himself, plus a handful of other notable dancers.


9. Darrion Gallegos@darrion_g

Darrion was born and raised in Flagstaff, Arizona. At the age of 14, he discovered his passion for dancing and relocated to Los Angeles in 2011. He began his dancing career as a choreographer’s assistant for the Pulse on Tour, where he aided and learned with Tricia Miranda. Darrion has worked with a variety of musicians and created a reputation for himself by performing with Demi Lovato and appearing on X-Factor USA and other television shows. He continues his training in Los Angeles and has been in several MDC videos.

Instagram Dancer

10. Jojo Gomez@@jojogomezxo

Jojo Gomez was motivated to become a professional dancer, competing in contests and studying from the finest in the field. By the age of 11, Jojo had been taught a variety of dancing techniques. She relocated to Los Angeles the day after graduating from high school. She’s been on shows including The Voice, X-Factor, America’s Got Talent, and Radio Disney since then. She started her YouTube account in 2014 to share videos with her own choreography set to songs she likes (like Tinashe, Beyonce, and Britney Spears). The end effect was breathtaking. Others were inspired by her videos, which she shared on the internet. She began to receive offers as well, with dancing studios inviting her to teach.


11. Oksana Rasulova@oksana_rasulova

Oksana Rasulova was born in 1982 in Russia. She is an actor, choreographer, and dancer. She is a dancer who specializes in Bharatanatyam and other Indian traditional dances. Oksana formed the “Chandra Muthi” dance troupe in 2001 and began working as a choreographer the following year. In 2014, she won India’s Best Cinestar Ki Khoj, a talent contest for budding actors on Zee TV. She was awarded the “Goddess of Dance” statuette award by the Indian Embassy in Azerbaijan.


12. Delaney Glazer@deeglazer

Delaney Glazer is a well-known Los Angeles-based dancer, choreographer, and model who is represented by Clear Talent Group. She was born in St. Louis, Missouri, on July 12, 1996. She began dancing when she was quite young. After several years of dancing and developing herself, Delaney became linked with a firm called Dance, INC. She has also worked with a number of other dancers and performed for a number of well-known performers, including Chris Brown, Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj, and others. Aside from that, she is a dancer who also works in the modeling industry. In reality, she has modeled for Jacqueline Madey’s apparel brand.

Instagram Dancer

13. Tricia Miranda@1triciamiranda

Tricia Miranda, who was born in Arizona on January 18, 1980, is a choreographer, dancer, makeup artist, and YouTube and Instagram sensation who has worked with a number of big-name artists like Britney Spears, Black Eyed Peas, Nicki Minaj, and Jennifer Lopez. Missy Elliott’s Super Bowl performance in 2015 was choreographed by her. She went on to teach at the International Dance Academy, Millennium Dance Complex, and the Pulse on Tour, among other places. So You Think You Can Dance, America’s Got Talent, The X Factor (US), and the film What to Expect When You’re Expecting are just a few of her credits.

Instagram dancer

14. Amanda Schull@amandaschull

Amanda Schull is an actress from the United States who used to be a professional ballet dancer. She is most known for her major part in the 2000 film Center Stage as well as her recurring roles in the American television programs One Tree Hill and Pretty Little Liars. Amanda featured in the Syfy television series 12 Monkeys and was a recurring character on the USA television series Suits until the eighth and ninth seasons when she was promoted to series regular. Behind the scenes, she is an animal lover and an environmentalist.


15. Kyle Hanagami@kylehanagami

Kyle Hanagami is a choreographer who was born in Los Angeles, California, United States. He has been on a variety of television series, including Fox’s X-Factor, Nickelodeon’s How Ro Rock, ABC’s Sing Your Face Off, and the Move Live On Tour. He’s also amassed a large number of YouTube subscribers and thousands of views. With over a decade of teaching expertise, he has established himself as one of the world’s most sought-after dance instructors. He’s also won the Industry Dance Award for the finest class at one of LA’s top three dance studios.


16. Anze Skrube@anzeskrube

Anze Skrube was born and raised in Slovenia. He began his professional dancing career when he was 15 years old when he began teaching workshops all across Europe. He’s also the founder of the “Maestro” crew, which has won several national and international titles. He founded his own dance studio (‘Maestro Dance Studio’) with multiple sites around Slovenia when he was 19 years old. Anze has worked as a choreographer and creative director for European award shows. He moved to Los Angeles in his twenties and has since performed with Justin Timberlake, Meghan Trainor, Chris Brown, Usher, and Prince. Anze has choreographed for 150 TV shows in the last four years, making him one of Europe’s most in-demand choreographers. He also teaches at the illustrious Millennium Dance Complex in Los Angeles.

Instagram Dancer

17. Lia Kim@liakimhappy

Lia Kim is a South Korean dancer, choreographer, and trainer. She is the founder and head choreographer of Seoul’s 1 Million Dance Studio, as well as having a prominent YouTube channel with over 2 million subscribers and hundreds of millions of views! Lia Kim is also responsible for some of K-POP’s most well-known choreographies. Her look incorporates a lot of isolation and tutting, as well as seductive and flexible stilettos. For many dancers in Asia and beyond, Lia has become a great inspiration.


18. Yanis Marshall@yanismarshall

Yanis Marshall, a French dancer and choreographer, is noted for his ferocious, razor-sharp maneuvers on high heels. He and his companions, Arnaud and Mehdi, made it to the finals of Britain’s Got Talent in 2014. Since then, he’s been on the road all around the world. Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, Canada, China, Russia, Ukraine, England, France, the United States, and others are among the places where he teaches and performs. She is one of the most popular Instagram dancers that you should follow.

Yanis- Instagram dancer

19. Cheryl Burke@cherylburke

Cheryl Burke was born on Thursday, May 3, 1984, in San Francisco, California, the United States. She is one of the popular dancers on Instagram. Cheryl Burke is a professional dancer who has appeared on more than a dozen and a half seasons of ABC’s Dancing With the Stars. She was not only the first professional to win the show, but she was also the first to win consecutive seasons. She’s been a part of the show for 23 seasons. On the NBC show I Can Do That, she came in second place.

Instagram dancer

20. Jake Kodish@jakekodish

Jake Kodish is a hip-hop artist who is noted for his characteristic popping. When he was 12, he began training in hip-hop and modern dance techniques. In his homeland of Miami, Florida, he improved and began training in all types of dance, from ballet to house. Jake made it to the quarterfinals of America’s Got Talent at the age of 16 and relocated to Los Angeles to train at the age of 18. Jake has performed in the film Step Up 4 and on the 1989 Tour with pop diva Taylor Swift. He is one of the popular dancers on Instagram you will love to follow.

jake- instagram dancer

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Instagram Dancers FAQ

Who is the best dancer on Instagram?

There are lots of dancers on Instagram. It is left to you to decide which dancer meets your expectation. You can pick your best dancer from the list above.

What Does It Take To Be A Good Dancer?

Here are five key pointers to help you quickly improve as a dancer:
1. Take Lessons on a Regular Basis.
2. At home or in the studio, practice every day.
3. Have a goal in mind.
4. Feel the sensations in your body.
5. Continue to be inspired.

How do dancers increase followers on Instagram?

You’ve undoubtedly watched renowned dancers on Instagram and thought to yourself, “I could do that!” Here are five pointers on how to become the next Instagram dancing sensation!
1. Make your photos entertaining and coherent by editing them. You may use several fantastic applications that are completely free.
2. Make a video of your finest stunts and post it on your page.
3. Make yourself stand out by using creative hashtags.
4. Make yourself relatable to other dancers who are learning the same things as you are.
5. Make eye contact with other dancers.

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