Factors to Consider When Buying a Cotton Candy Machine


When looking to purchase a machine, it is essential to remember that a cheap cotton candy machine may cost more in terms of maintenance and repairs. Buyers should look for a more expensive but reliable machine with greater longevity.

The cotton candy machine price in Kenya varies significantly depending on the model, size & features. When purchasing a cotton candy machine in Kenya, these important factors must be considered. Here are the main factors to keep in mind;

  • Cost

Consider the cost of the machine, including the cost of extra features, repairs, or maintenance. Also, factor in the available space, as some machines can be large and require a lot of floor space.

  • Usage

Are you using the machine for personal or business use? Personal machines tend to be less expensive and easier to move, while commercial versions may have more powerful motors and bigger amounts of sugar intake.

  • Motor

Consider the type of motor in the machine. Many cotton candy machines have a UL-rated motor rated for safety and energy efficiency.

  • Size

Make sure the machine is large enough for your purpose. If you intend to use it commercially, you’ll need a model that can handle larger volumes.

  • Noise Levels

The lower the noise levels, the better, so it’s worth checking the noise ratings of the machine you’re looking at before you buy.

  • Accessories

If you plan on selling cotton candy for a business, consider buying different flavors and cones. You’ll also want to purchase a heat-resistant glove and a cleaning tool to maintain the machine.

  • Efficiency

Consider how efficient the machine is in terms of how quickly it can spin the sugar and how well it dispenses the cotton candy.

  • Maintenance

The cotton candy machine may require regular maintenance and cleaning to operate correctly. Investigate how much maintenance it will require and how easy it is to carry out.

  • Control Features

Consider the automatic shutoff and ON/OFF push buttons if you plan to leave the machine unattended.

  • Power Capacity

Consider the power capacity of the machine. The more powerful the machine, the better it will perform, so take note of the wattage or power requirements.

  • Warranty

Last but not least, ensure you understand the machine’s warranty terms – and check to see if the supplier offers any additional guarantees.

  • Safety

Safety must also be considered when purchasing a cotton candy machine. Ensure the machine has safety features like automatic shutoff and overload protection.

By considering these factors, you can decide on the best cotton candy machine.


For those looking to purchase a cotton candy machine in Kenya, it is important to conduct ample research first before settling on any device. There are a variety of manufacturers to choose from, and customers should compare prices, features, and warranties before making a final decision. A cotton candy machine is a great addition to any home or commercial space and can provide years of delicious treats when used appropriately.

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