Explore The city in New way with the Luxury Yacht Rental Dubai


Dubai life is amazing for everyone. For visitors who want to take it to the other level, the city has an equally exciting experience of water adventure. Onclick Drive is the ultimate name among luxury yacht rental in Dubai.

No doubt, cruising the crystal water on the yacht is the most exciting experience because we offer a unique adventure with supreme luxury and high-life ambiance.

Extreme Adventure with the yacht of your choice

The luxury yacht rental Dubai, onclickdrive.com, offers a wide variety of yachts according to its customers’ tastes and demands. You can enjoy your solo visits, family gatherings and celebrations. Moreover, luxury yachts are ideal for parties and events to make them unforgettable forever.

Get the Yacht of your Own Choice

Let’s explore what design of the yacht suits your occasion.

Benetti Yachts:

They are the huge ones that carry luxury with sophistication. They have multiple decks and crew available for serving the guests. Hence, if you want to enjoy a royal experience with large cabins and jacuzzis, then a Benetti yacht is the perfect choice for you.

Sunseeker yachts:

High-performance yachts with high speed and super hot design are the most appreciated. Though they appear in multiple sizes, every model gives you an equally adventurous feel exploring Dubai’s enchanting coastline.


If you are holding an event in Dubai, then catamarans are the best choice because of their spacious decks and hulls. They are perfect to enjoy day or night events equally. Their interiors are made wider and open so that you can get an ample amount of guests on board.

Custom-Built Yachts:

Last but not the least are the custom-built yachts. Obviously, as the name shows, they are up to your choice; hence, you have a large variety out of the common ones to enjoy your specific style. While one prefers to enjoy the sea breezes and sunlight, some might enjoy deep sea fishing in Dubai. Or you might be among the ones who like spacious corridors and interior or the other who loves heavy-embossed classical interiors. From eastern to western, from antique to modern, oneclickdrive.com has a variety of yachts available at your fingertips.

What Luxury Yacht Rentals Offer to You?

There is no limit to these Yacht adventures. Cruising through Dubai’s exquisite coastline, visitors enjoy delicious food, water activities and amenities.

We offer exceptional culinary delights that are prepared and served on yachts to our valuable customers. Whether you throw a party or have a solo cruise, our chefs get you the most delicious cuisine.

Moreover, we also include water toys and other in-water activities at our secret yachts. We offer jet ski, paddleboards, fishing and snorkeling.

While depending on the yacht you choose, you can also enjoy hot tubs, spacious decks, entertainment, and underwater lounges.

Though yacht adventure might sound like a leisure activity, we transform it into your unforgettable journey for a lifetime. So make your every occasion a lavish journey with the luxury Yacht rental Dubai.

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