Exchange Ethereum (ETH) to Bitcoin (BTC)


The popularity of the Ether cryptocurrency is reaching high levels today and continues to grow. This is a promising investment instrument with which you can make good money. To do this, it is enough to conclude asset purchase/sale transactions at the most appropriate moments. You should purchase coins when their price drops to the maximum and sell when it rises. The difference in cost will be the profit. And finding out the current price at the moment is not difficult. By entering the query in a search engine: “How much is Ether worth,” you will receive the figure of interest and the corresponding graph.

Suppose you have already decided to invest money in cryptocurrency and want to buy Ethereum. In that case, you need to choose a method that would allow you to carry out transactions as profitably and quickly as possible. The speed of transactions in this situation also plays an essential role because the exchange rate of an asset is constantly changing, and it is necessary to have time to use it to your advantage.

The topic should be considered more carefully to understand how to organize an exchange. Let’s say you need to exchange Ethereum (ETH) to Bitcoin (BTC). On you can find more additional info.

Currency exchange methods

Today, there are several options for exchanging fiat money for the Bitcoin cryptocurrency. The deal can be concluded using:

  • Cryptocurrency exchange.
  • Telegram bot.
  • Private person.
  • Exchanger.
  • Cryptomat.

Now, let’s go through each option. Working with a cryptocurrency exchange is not always convenient. The price of purchasing Bitcoin may be far from expectations, making the operation unprofitable. Of course, there is an opportunity to wait for more suitable conditions. But how long this will take is unknown.

Telegram bots also often provide unfavourable exchange conditions. Moreover, there are risks of using low-quality software and losing accumulated money.

Private individuals often set higher commissions or use rates that benefit themselves but not the buyer. In addition, they primarily exchange very small amounts.

Crypto ATMs are pretty difficult to find. Plus, to purchase coins, dollars must be cashed in advance. In addition, people who have used such devices report frequent freezing, leading to loss of funds.

Exchangers today are considered one of the best options for exchanging Ethereum for BitCoin cryptocurrency. The following advantages explain this:

  • fast transaction execution – after sending the application, digital coins are credited to the account within 10-15 minutes;
  • rate fixation – conditions are fixed when placing the application and do not change until the transaction is completed. A specific time is allotted for its implementation. This allows you to avoid unpleasant surprises associated with changes in the price of cryptocurrency;
  • a large number of offers, thanks to which you can choose the best option;
  • the opportunity to conduct a large transaction, which private money changers cannot offer.

The only question that remains open is one regarding security.

How to buy without risks

Understanding that it is profitable to cooperate with exchangers, you should stop at them. But it is essential to know that selecting a service on the Internet yourself is very dangerous. By entering into a search engine: “buy crypto at the best rate,” you will see many offers. But the authors of some of them will be scammers. Having received currency from you, they will not transfer the equivalent in cryptocurrency to your wallet. The result of cooperation is a loss of money. Therefore, immediately abandon this option.

It is better to choose an exchanger using information from the aggregator of exchange websites whose employees have repeatedly checked all services. You will see sites offering a profitable exchange of Ethereum to Bitcoin. Each of them has hundreds of cheerful customer reviews confirming the safety of cooperation. And all you have to do is choose the best offer and fill out a transfer request. When deciding, consider the conversion rate on and the reserve of digital coins.

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