Delight Of Carnivores: The Weber Summit Grill


The Weber Summit Grill, especially the Summit S-660 7460001 model, is a dream come true for meat lovers. This high-performance grill offers a unique blend of functionality and aesthetics, making it an ideal choice for those seeking to elevate their grilling experience. With its premium features, the Summit S-660 7460001 takes the joy of BBQ to a whole new level. Here’s a comprehensive breakdown of why meat lovers will find this grill irresistible.

Incredible Heat Control

One of the Weber Summit Grill’s selling points is its superior heat control. With the Summit Grill S-660, you get precise temperature adjustment, which allows you to cook your meat to perfection. This feature is especially vital for grill enthusiasts who prefer their steak medium-rare or those who love slow-cooked ribs.

Generous Cooking Space

The S-660 Grill offers ample cooking space, which is very important when hosting a BBQ party. It boasts of 769 square inches of cooking area, enough to cater to a large gathering. This eliminates the need for cooking in batches, giving you more time to enjoy the party.

Quality of Construction

The Summit S-660 7460001 is built to last. Its robust construction includes stainless steel burners, cooking grates, and flavorizer bars, all designed to withstand the test of time. Furthermore, it has a heavy-duty rotisserie system, which is perfect for those who love slow-roasting their meat.

Exceptional Grilling Performance

The Weber Summit Grill offers top-notch grilling performance. With six burners, a sear station, a smoker box, and a side burner, the Summit S-660 7460001 is designed to meet all your grilling needs. Whether you’re searing a juicy steak, smoking a whole chicken, or grilling burgers, the Summit Grill S-660 ensures that your meat cooks evenly and retains its natural flavors.

Easy to Clean

Cleaning up after a BBQ can be quite daunting. But with the Summit S-660 7460001, the task becomes manageable. It has grease management system that makes clean-up a breeze. Moreover, its stainless steel construction allows for easy wipe down after use.

Convenient Features

The Weber Summit Grill is packed with convenient features. These include lighted control knobs for nighttime grilling, a built-in thermometer for accurate temperature monitoring, and a grill cabinet for extra storage. With these features, grilling becomes a hassle-free and enjoyable experience.

High-Quality Rotisserie

The Summit Grill S-660 comes with a high-quality rotisserie system. This feature is particularly appealing to meat lovers who enjoy the flavor of slow-roasted meat. The rotisserie is powered by a rear-mounted infrared burner, which ensures even cooking from all angles.

Integrated Smoker

For those who enjoy the smoky flavor in their meat, the Summit S-660 7460001 has an integrated smoker. The smoker box comes with a dedicated burner, allowing you to add a unique smoky flavor to your meat.

Versatile Grilling Options

With the Weber Summit Grill, you’re not limited to grilling. The S-660 Grill offers versatile cooking options, including roasting and baking. This means you can cook a variety of dishes, from grilled steak to roasted vegetables and baked desserts, all in one place.

Dependable Warranty

Finally, Weber offers a dependable warranty on the Summit Grill S-660. This provides a sense of security and confidence in the quality and performance of the grill.


In a nutshell, the Weber Summit Grill, particularly the Summit S-660 7460001, is a fantastic investment for meat lovers. Its superior heat control, generous cooking space, robust construction, and exceptional grilling performance make it a must-have for any BBQ enthusiast. So, if you’re passionate about grilling and looking for a reliable, high-performance grill, the Summit S-660 7460001 is worth considering.

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