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Cat Instagram Accounts – Top 20 You Need To Follow

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We all know that cats are the internet’s favorite animal. And what better way to celebrate our feline friends than by following them on Instagram? In this blog post, we’ll count down the 20 best cat Instagram accounts that you need to follow. From sassy cats to cuddly kittens, these accounts will make your day.

As you know, cats have become quite popular recently. That’s because we can’t stop ourselves from being mesmerized by their cuteness. Now, it would seem as if there are too many cat Instagram accounts to choose from. There is one thing that all of these accounts do have in common though: they’re spectacular!

Hanging out with cats is always entertaining, and you’ll find yourself spending more time on Instagram and other social media sites following cat accounts. You may want to follow various kitties to see how each one lives. Here are some of the most popular ones you should be following if you love cats.

Before we dive in, check out some of the most popular Cat Hashtags to use in your next Instagram post!

1. Pumpkin@pumpkinthepurrmachine

Pumpkin is one of the world’s Garfields, albeit a sweet feline rather than a mischievous feline. The account’s popularity stems from Pumpkin’s ability to show a wide range of emotions, as well as his emerald eyes.

2. Nala Cat@nala_cat

Nala Cat may appear to be an ordinary cat at first glance, but her 4.5 million followers indicate that she has some exciting adventures if you follow her. She has the most Instagram followers, and she’s even on the Guinness World Records list to prove it!

3. Cats of Instagram@cats_of_instagram

Cats of Instagram is another popular cat account on Instagram. Their feed is filled with cat videos and photographs from various Instagram users and followers.

4. Loki the Sphynx@loki_the_sphynx

Loki may not be a model of beauty, but his grouchy demeanor has captured the hearts of many. He’s merely a photogenic feline with an exciting life, so you’ll be able to keep up with his favorite hobby. Every time his charming owner decides to assist, the various outfits elevate this cat to a whole new level.

5. Iriss & Abyss@sis.twins

To be honest, Iriss and Abyss, with their heterochromatic eyes, can attract everyone’s attention. The adorable videos and photographs are the ultimate content and will keep you scrolling through their Instagram account.

6. Grumpy Cat@realgrumpycat 

Grumpy Cat has a face you can’t help but fall in love with and smile at. Despite the fact that he appears to be grumpy all of the time. He has a massive number of followers on Instagram. It’s clear to see why it’s difficult to stop yourself from viewing his photos.

7. Oscar & Bob@oscar_and_bob

The couple who will make you contemplate purchasing a Persian cat. Oscar may be the most appealing of the two, but Bob should not be overlooked. If you want to learn more about these two and the collection of emotional expressions they represent, you should follow their Instagram account.

8. Lil Bub@iamlilbub

No doubt, Lil Bub is the cutest kitten on Instagram. There are a lot of cute cats out there, but look at those eyes. According to her bio, she is “a one-of-a-kind magical space cat.” Lil Bub has a distinct appearance, with her tongue nearly always on display and her large eyes.

9. Venus the Two Face Cat@venustwofacecat

Venus is one of the most unusual and fascinating cats you’ve probably seen, thanks to her super-rare split-colored face. And the coloring is apparently referred to as chimera. “Why blend in when you were born to stand out?” reads her bio.

10. Coby The Cat@cobythecat

Coby is not just the winner of every beauty pageant, but he is also well-liked for his demeanor. Something about the combination of white like snow fur and blue eyes entices you to return for more. Coby is also the cat that many would envy in terms of popularity.

11. Merlin The Mad Ragdoll@merlinragdoll

Merlin, a grumpy fur ball, is yet another Cat Instagram account that stands out from the crowd, and not only because it is the world’s grumpiest cat. Merlin’s physical attractiveness pales in comparison to his attitude and the reality that you will long for Merlin to be yours one day.

12. Hamilton The Hipster Cat@hamilton_the_hipster_cat

Mustaches on handlebars have never been more popular. When you combine this with a cute-looking cat, you have the ingredients for an Instagram sensation! Hamilton is as hip as a cat can get, with a perfectly shaped hoard that doesn’t require any trimming or upkeep, which is even better!

13. Snoopybabe@snoooopybabe

Snoopybabe is a charming exotic shorthair who spends her time in a John Lennon costume. Each photo appears to receive between 10-15k likes, indicating that she has a sizable fan base. There are some fantastic photographs of Snoopybabe lying around the home wearing various cat attire things.

14. Sam@samhaseyebrows

Sam’s account title is both amusing and descriptive. Sam has brow marks, which give him some unusual and unique expressions. He has a developing fan base, and there are numerous amusing photos of Sam being compared to famous people with similar brows.

15. Smoothie the Cat@smoothiethecat

Smoothie is one of the adorable kittens we follow simply because they’re adorable. This fuzzy ball of pleasure is a star in the Cat Instagram World, and not just because of its physical qualities, but also because it’s photogenic.

16. Roku Roku@rokuthecat

If you follow Roku, you’ll see him doing typical cat activities like dressing up as Star Wars characters, hanging out with his friends, playing with toys, and so on.

17. Cheeto@princesscheeto

Cheeto,is here not only for her fashionable Instagram page, but also because she is a movie star. Cheeto appears in Netflix’s cat documentary #Cats The Mewvie. This 2019 film, which features Cheeto on the poster, investigates the popularity of the conventional house cat, which has taken over the country (especially via Instagram). Cheeto’s Insta-cat fame and appealing feed have earned her brand deals with Amazon Music and made her a media pop culture cat.

18. Loki@loki_kitteh

Loki is popular on Instagram because of her distinct looks, which include two visible fangs that give her a scary appearance.

19. Albert@albertbabycat

This lovely blue-eyed feline enjoys dressing up in clothes from popular TV shows and movies. Follow the account to get your daily fix of cuteness.

20. Suki Cat@sukiicat

Suki is a celebrity with a lot of followers on Instagram, living the life that many people aspire for. This remarkable cat, more of a tiger than a kitten, is captured at the perfect moment and in the ideal spot for us to admire.

Cat Instagram Accounts – Top 20 You Need To Follow FAQ

Should I make an Instagram account for my cat?

You’re unlikely to earn that many followers for your own cat any time soon. But there’s no reason you shouldn’t make him/her an Instagram account!

Who is the most famous cat on Instagram?

Nala cat is the most famous cat on Instagram with more than 4.5 million followers. She is even on the Guinness World Records list to prove that she is the most followed cat.

Who owns Nala cat?

Shannon Ellis and Pookie Methachittiphan, are the owners of Instagram-famous Nala Cat

Conclusion: Cat Instagram Accounts—Top 20 You Need To Follow

Overall, these are the top 20 cat Instagram accounts that you need to follow. Cats are one of the most popular subjects on Instagram, and these accounts showcase some of the best feline photos and videos on the social media platform. If you have any other favorite cat accounts that you think should be on this list, let us know in the comments section.

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