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About The Book

Stop Dreaming – Wake up and achieve?

It’s time to get yourself on the big stages that you dreamt about.

It’s time to take the baby steps that will make a clear difference in your career.

If you have been thinking or searching on how to use media platforms like youtube, Instagram, Soundcloud, and Spotify to promote your brand. All I can say is that you are in the right place and this is precisely the information that you need.

In an era of social media content and platforms that could go viral overnight; I think you should also be utilizing these beautiful tools. 

This book is for you if you are looking for the fastest way to grow your social media and music profiles.

It’s not rocket science. It’s plain simple and you don’t need to break the bank trying to achieve your dreams using social media.



This book is based on the theory of social proof.

because many of my customers have testified that these tactics have worked pretty well for them, I decided to put the information in a 20 pages book.

It’s high time you started getting your career or brand to the dreamland.

It’s not that difficult, and it’s not that expensive especially by using social media to generate buzz about your stuff.

Let’s go, take an hour, read through, and apply.

Social proof is a scientifically proven theory often employed in marketing, that; we (humans) are more likely to do something when we see others doing it. The tendency to see an action as more appropriate when others are doing it.

What’s inside


The Art of Social Proof For Entertainers


Your first 50k Followers


Getting to 20k Followers - This is where you get your Return on Investment


Case Study - 10k followers in 7days, 20k in 6 months and a $50,000 2020 Revenue


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Chapter 1 (Social Proof)

When a song has 1million streams on Spotify or Soundcloud; you are more likely to try out the song yourself.

When a Youtube Channel has Over 100k Subscribers and a Music Video has 500,000 video views and above; you are also more likely to watch that video yourself.

If an Upcoming musician has over 10,000 followers on each of his/her social media platforms; you are likely to quickly assume he or she must be talented.

If your close friend or family likes a particular musician; you are more likely to want to listen to that musician.

You are likely to follow an Instagram page that has 10000 followers than follow a page that has 100 or 1000 followers.

You know why?

Because you naturally feel convinced that the page that has 10k followers must be doing something right. It occurs to you that other people are already actively falling in love with that page.

In other words, you are making a decision to follow that Instagram page or listen to a particular musician because other people are already doing the same. (That’s called social proof)

Social proof is a scientifically proven theory often employed in marketing, that; we (humans) are more likely to do something when we see others doing it. The tendency to see an action as more appropriate when others are doing it.



A small book with a big and lasting impact. I bet you could finish reading within 1 hour of full concentration.

There are too many things we wanna do with our lives and that’s why I didn’t want to bore readers with loads of pages.

The most important thing here is to apply the tactics I revealed in the book.


Thanks for this; now I know exactly what to do to my Youtube channel


I actually took a gamble on this information. $12 seem cheap though, but after reading this; I can say I used my penny wisely.


So, my Instagram account now got over 60,000 Followers, and my Youtube now well above 12,000 Subscribers. Brands cant stop calling immediately they see this numbers .


About the author.

Ever since I started my study in Cyprus;
my friends call me; “the Cyprus guy”

I am a digital marketer with vast experience in social media marketing.

I am a footballer as well; I just can’t stop playing football.

Hoping to make real friends and connections with my readers.

Meet you soonest.


Marketing is an art as well as science. There are rules and there are exceptions.

Just do what you got to do to promote your brand and achieve your goals.

Success is never far away.


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