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Your videos need more eyes. Whether it’s a product video, creative video, music video, or company video, it needs to be seen.
By buying real Instagram views; your video will gain the attention it deserves.

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Meanwhile, there are other reasons to buy Instagram views.

Instagram Views To Boost Social Proof

Most of the articles I have put out about Instagram marketing and promotion have mentioned the concept of social proof.

Imagine a video with 10000 views and another with 100 views. The human mind easily buys into the video with 10000 views, and that is the concept of social proof. Making people trust you by showing them that other people like them already trusted you.

Therefore, if you invest a little money into your video views, you are going to get more results especially if you are a business or an influencer.

Instagram Views To Win Online Contests.

If you are like me, I enter into many online competitions and I have won many.

With the help of real Instagram views which you can buy on this website and also Instagram likes, you could win as many Instagram contests as possible.

How to Buy Instagram Views

Easy, although there are many websites like this that sells Instagram Likes, I can tell you that we offer the best and most proven service in terms of quality and speed. 

Therefore, to buy Instagram Likes, you can proceed like this

  • Visit our website to buy Instagram Views
  • Select the number of views that you are looking to buy starting from 500 up to 1million Instagram video views
  • Enter your Instagram video URL
  • Proceed to pay. We accept Credit Card, PayPal, Skrill, and other cryptocurrencies.
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Are Views Better Than Likes?

Both work hand in hand and I won’t rate one better than the other, after all, the goal is to get engagements whether likes, views or comments.

But, the first step is to get the views or to get people to view your video and that is why we encourage you to buy Instagram views for a start or to add to the fuel of an already viral video.

As a rule, Instagram views are the “secret sauce” that makes all other forms of engagement on Instagram work better. As soon as someone sees your content, they can start to do something with it.

Do Your Own Views Count on Instagram?

When someone watches your Instagram video post for more than three seconds, it counts as one Instagram view.

Getting the most Instagram views is important because it helps build up credibility, which many sponsored posts don’t have.

View count also has a lot of weight because it shows that the content that one has posted is worth watching.

This is because opinions are important when it comes to getting videos to go viral.

To get a view, you have to look at your video for more than three seconds when you post it.

But don’t forget that only your first look is important. You can’t expect the number of times you watch the video to keep going up. Not at all. Instagram will not make it twice as big as it already is.

Those who watch the video also had to follow this rule. They will only be able to count for the first one.

When I watched my own video from a different account to make sure this was true, the view count only went up by one, not how many times I watched it.



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When Will My Views Be Delivered

hahaha, smiles.
Immediately you hit the order button and payment is complete, then you can expect delivery and completion within minutes depending on quantity.
generally, big orders will take 60munites while a small quantity order will be delivered within 1 munite.

Does Having Many VIEWS Help My Business

yes, it helps a lot. All our customers usually come back for more. That tells you that this stuff works.
It’s called social proof.

Pushing the narrative that you have create a good video by buying views for the video can make you go viral and also generate sales for your business or brand

Do You Provide DEMO?

Not anymore, kindly test our service by buying 50 likes or 100 likes. Both very cheap

Payment Methods - Paypal, CashApp, BTC,ETH, LTC, SKRILL, CARD PAYMENT

PAYPAL payment is accepted plus BTC, SKRILL, CARD PAYMENTS, CashApp.

You will have to send a message to request CashApp account tag details.

If you face a problem with card payment; kindly use the chat button to reach out.

Is My Instagram Account Safe?

Absolutely. Your Instagram account is indeed safe.
We have been doing this for years and we always deliver our service in the safest way possible.
This is possible because we clearly understand the Instagram Algorithm.


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