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Buy 100 Instagram Likes 

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Why buy 100 Instagram Likes? maybe the right question is why should I buy Instagram Likes at all? It’s quite simple and straightforward; you get more engagements especially if you buy the likes within a few seconds of posting on Instagram.

Combine this with some comments and you can expect your engagement to skyrocket.

Isn’t it frustrating? you have a lot of followers and very few like your posts.

Although there are many reasons why this could happen, sometimes you simply do not have control over it.

You might do everything right and you still wouldn’t get many engagements in terms of likes not to talk of comments.

As a result, you might feel like the problem is your content or many the kind of followers that you have, but a glitch where the Instagram Algorithm doesn’t give your page the respect that it deserves could also be the cause of this problem.

That’s why it makes sense to buy Instagram likes and you can start by buying 100 IG likes today.

It adds up in the end, your page looks more credible to your followers, the algorithm gradually starts noticing your page especially when you buy real likes here on mediaboosternig.com

It’s a good investment, especially for new pages. You can decide to buy 100 likes for every new Instagram content on your page. If you publish every day; that is just a $2 investment every day.

Should you decide that you want this process automated; it is doable. Kindly send a message to request this service. You will be able to subscribe at a discount price. and you can decide to choose any plan from 50 to 100k IG likes depending on what you are trying to achieve.

I will also advise that you consider growing your page by buying real Instagram likes here. and when it comes to Instagram views, we got you covered as well, as you can buy up to 1 million Instagram video views at a friendly price.

Now, let’s talk about your Instagram page and content and how to get some organic likes for your content

3 Proven ways to Get More Likes for Your Content

It is not difficult more likes for your Instagram content. I have discussed one method above which is to buy IG likes. While Instagram likes is not a sign of success in real life; it is effectively a sign of success on Instagram. 

You must be aware that Instagram had sometimes experimented with hiding Instagram likes for users in some parts of the world. The reason behind that move according to the social media company is to protect the mental health of its users as many have turned the gram live into a contest of whoever has the highest likes wins.

Maybe that makes sense but, the number of engagements especially likes and comments on a particular Instagram post tells you if it is successful or not especially to users who are trying to build something on Instagram. The number of likes is still an important metric.

Now let me highlight a few smart ways to get more likes for your Instagram page.

# – 1. Create Interesting Content

If you have noticed the pages that have the most user interaction on Instagram, they are pages with interesting content.

An interesting content could mean a clear photo, beautiful pictures, funny video or meme, a true-life story.

The definition of interesting content is; interesting content is interesting content. Lol, you can tell when a photo or video will go viral. Therefore you must, keep your page updated with interesting content.


# – 2. Use Hashtags

I really can’t overemphasize the importance of hashtags to every Instagram post that you make.

Hashtags are like a booster, a level playing ground that every user can benefit from to take your content from zero popularity to virality.

As a result, you must use hashtags on each of your posts.

Here are a few things to have in mind when using Instagram hashtags.

  1. Research hashtags related to your page content by doing a quick search.
  2. Combine hashtags from very popular to less popular hashtags.
  3. You cant use more than 30 hashtags per post.
  4. Keep the number of hashtags per post to 11 or less.


#3 – Tag Relevant Pages

There are pages on Instagram that are dedicated to posting other people’s amazing content.

This means if you have posted good content on your page; it won’t cost you a thing to tag this kind of page because there is a high chance that they would gladly repost your content.

Most people that find your content on their page will come back to your page to see what you really do. If your page has more relevant content, you will receive more followers, and if you are a business, more leads and more sales.

To tag these pages, just get their usernames and use the @username to mention them in your original post. Do this for all your upcoming content.

Although there are other methods to get more likes; I will be stopping here for now.

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Buy 100 Real Instagram Likes Paypal

If you prefer to buy likes via PayPal or credit card then we got you covered here on mediaboosternig.com

We know this payment method is especially popular for people in the US and we have listened to many of our amazing customers who prefer to carry out transactions through PayPal.

If you want to pay via Cash-app or other payment methods not available on our checkout page, then you can reach out via the chat button below.

Is it legit to Buy Instagram Likes?

Yeah, sure, it’s legal. Also, be rest assured you will be getting likes from real people.

These likes can be used to influence the Instagram algorithm and your post could make the Explore page and also rank high on hashtag pages as well.

You should also be assured all payments are processed securely.

Are you ready? Use the blue button above to order 100 real Instagram likes right now.

How to Buy 100 Instagram Likes Paypal, Credit Card, Crypto and Skrill Accepted

Select A Package

We have different packages from 50 to 100k likes. Click the buy button above to buy 100 Instagram Likes.

Enter Instagram Post Link

Every Instagram Post/video has a unique URL. Right-click on your Instagram post to copy its Url. Paste the copied Url on the checkout page.

Pay and Wait for Results

Select a payment method to complete your order. You can then wait for your 100 Instagram Likes’ delivery to commence immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Provide DEMO?

Not anymore, kindly test our service by buying 50 likes or 100 likes. Both very cheap

I Didn't Receive My Followers, Likes, Views?

Maybe you entered the wrong Username of Post Url when placing an order

Make sure your page is not on private

Maybe your post or video has been deleted.

Kindly allow 24hours to pass if you think its a mistake on our side.

Then proceed to contact us page to request assistance on your order.

You can use the chat button below this page for real time response.


How Can We Help?

whether you are an artist, musician, influencer, blogger, small business, or just a regular Instagram user, you can easily buy likes for your Instagram photos and videos, and it’s 100% legal and safe to buy.
In case you need to buy Instagram followers as well, we got you covered.

Can You Deliver Exactly When I Upload?

Yes; you can subscribe like many of our customers who prefer their likes delivered immediately they make a post on Instagram.
Kindly contact us through the contact page or use the Live chat

Payment Methods - Paypal, CashApp, BTC,ETH, LTC, SKRILL, CARD PAYMENT

PAYPAL payment is accepted plus BTC, SKRILL, CARD PAYMENTS.

You will have to send a message to request Cashapp account tag details.

If you face a problem with card payment; kindly use the chat button to reach out.

Is My Instagram Account Safe?

Absolutely. Your Instagram account is indeed safe.
We have been doing this for years and we always deliver our service in the safest way possible.
This is possible because we clearly understand the Instagram Algorithm.

How Many Likes Can I Buy?

You can over 100,000 Likes for your single Instagram posts and videos.

This means you should not order more than 100,000 likes for a single post.

but if you have multiple posts; you can buy 100,000 likes for each of them.

When Will My Likes Be Delivered

hahaha, smiles.
Immediately you hit the order button and payment is complete, then you can expect delivery and completion within 60 munites


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