Bong Hits on A Budget: Affordable Options For Thrifty


Bongs are among the best ways to enhance your smoking experience. They offer different ways to filter smoke, leading to smoother hits and a healthier way to ingest cannabis. This makes it easy for newbies to get used to smoking in a subtle way. In addition, bongs help avoid passing bacteria and illnesses. If you are used to sharing accessories, bongs help filter bacteria and contaminants for safe and healthy sharing. However, thrift smokers can find purchasing a smoking bong an expensive affair. For budget-conscious smokers or when finances are limited, cost-effective options go a long way. In this article, we explore different ways to get your bong affordably or save money while at it.

Do your research

Saving money on purchases starts with getting it right the first time. In this case, this means buying a smoking bong that meets your needs and preferences the first time. Repeat trips to the vendor after discovering that your choice wasn’t the most ideal for you can be draining. Besides wasting time, it can cost you so much money in the long run.

Thankfully, you can find vendors that allow you to test their products before committing to purchasing them. If you can find such an option, it would benefit you to try out different options to gain that firsthand experience. This will usher you into how different bongs work as you find the one that suits you best before committing your money.  

Buy quality bongs

Another way to avoid going back to the shops every now and then is to go for good-quality smoking bongs. Good quality bongs don’t break easily and last longer, saving you money in the long run. One of the ways to find a good quality bong is to try one first before buying. However, if that option isn’t available for you, you can always rely on online reviews to make a decision. Online reviews give you valuable insights about products from other customers. These help make a more informed purchasing decision to get value for your money.

Good quality bongs cost more than affordable options. It would be ideal to set up a savings plan for it. Create a budget stating the amount that you are willing to spend on a bong. Then get down to saving for it.

Take advantage of offers and discounts

Offers and discounts provide a way to own an expensive item at a lower price. If you are bent on acquiring a quality bong cost-effectively, keep an eye on discounts and deals. These are easy to find around special occasions and holidays. Be alert for Black Friday sales offers, and Cyber Monday among other events. It is also likely to find offers in major retailers throughout the year when select items are offered at a discount. Make sure to follow bong vendors online to be in the loop on their next offer or sale event. You can also join groups for smoke lovers to stay updated on such information.

Go the DIY route

If buying an expensive bong is out of your ability, you can always do a DIY smoking bong at home. Fortunately, you don’t need expensive supplies to put together a home-made bong. You also don’t have to be a handy person to pull this activity off.

You can easily assemble one using a plastic bottle or glass jar, a highlighter tube for the downstem and foil for the bowl. You also need tools that are easily available at home for drilling holes and cutting where necessary. Thankfully, you can find tutorials online on how to go about assembling your smoking bong at home.

Besides being cost-effective, home-made bongs allow for customization. You can tailor-make your bong to fit your preferences to enhance your experience. Also, recycling materials ensure that you enhance your sustainable lifestyle.

Go for cheap bongs

While there are luxurious choices, you can also find ones that are cheap and affordable. Moreover, apart from being less luxurious and probably a lower quality, they can work the same way as an expensive one. You are likely to get high with a cheap bong as you would using an expensive one. If you are just starting out, going for a cheap bong could be a great way to familiarize yourself with smoking bongs. In addition, you can find smaller-sized bongs of good quality selling at a lower price. While they offer smaller and punchy hits, they can be a great option for beginners. They are also easily portable for when you need to attend parties or travel.


Bongs are a must-have accessory for any smoker if you are to enhance your experience and save your precious herbs. However, they can be quite expensive for most people. The good thing though is that you can always find creative ways around it to acquire one within your budget or save money in the long run. For instance, save and buy a good quality bong so you don’t have to keep replacing it. Alternatively, look for cheaper options and look for discounts. You can also easily DIY one according to your liking.

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