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The 3 Best Time To Post On Instagram 2022 – But There are 3 More Important Factors

Best Time to post on instagram
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In the U.S.A alone, every single month, there are over 1 million searches for the term “best time to post on Instagram”.

Data From Google Keywords Planner

The reason everyone is looking for an answer is that we all want to make sure our content and page get the highest amount of visibility/engagement they could get.

It’s all about success, a successful Instagram post could earn you more engagements, more followers, more sales and generally speaking, it could make you happy to see that real people are engaging your content.

For sure, I am going to show you the best time to post on Instagram, but I want you to know that it is not the most important success factor for your content and page in general. I will show you what you should be focusing on instead.

Answer: The Best Time To Post On Instagram and Why It is Not Important!!!

What is the best time to post on Instagram?

Everywhere in the world, the best time to post on Instagram is when real people are active, that is during the day. “The best time to post on Instagram is between 6 Am and 9 Pm.”

Post your content in the morning, afternoon, or evening, before 9 pm. you can find evidence of these facts on Hootsuite.com and later.com. Both of these companies conducted full-blown research on this topic.

The image below is a summary

Best Time to Post on Instagram - USA
source – later.com

Every published research has shown that the single best time to post on Instagram is 11 AM on Wednesday”.

What Is More Important Than The Best Time To Post on Instagram?

Does posting time matter on Instagram?

I am trying to shift your attention to the more important things that will get your post in front of a larger audience on Instagram, Tricks that will grow your page and get you more customers and leads if you are providing a service or selling a product.

Posting at the right time is one thing, the truth is, there are more important things that you must do to give your posts more visibility and get the Instagram Algorithm to respect your page.

Let’s Dive in;

  • 3 Important Growth Tactics For Your Instagram Page
  • Case Study; How I Found Paying Customers on Instagram By Using Targeted Hashtags.
focus on hashtags instead of best time to post on Instagram

You are one of the first to see it. Learn How to Grow Your Instagram Followers and Sales With Targeted Hashtags. Click Here

Three Vital Steps That Will Grow Your Instagram Page Significantly

1. Most People Use Hashtags Wrongly, I Bet You are Too!!

While hashtags are free to use for every Instagram user, 98% of users do not use them correctly. This surprises me a lot.

Hashtags are powerful, and I can say that hashtags played an important role in growing my Instagram page, and more importantly, they helped direct paying customers to my page. (@Media.boosternig).

I am presently on over 70, 000 followers and I still get lots of followers and customers to my courses and services from hashtag traffic.

Most people will just pick some hashtags that they like, insert them in their posts and hope for the better. This approach rarely works.

Do you know that, Posts with at least one hashtag average 12.6% more engagement than those without” (Research Published By Simply-Measured)

Can you imagine the number of engagements and visibility you can drive if you include 30 “targeted” hashtags on your posts? It’s massive.

Therefore, I want you to take this away from this article, do not post any Instagram content without adding hashtags.

Remember, you can put these hashtags in the comment area far away from your post caption.

Hashtag to Dollars – Online Course

If you want to learn more about how to use hashtags correctly and use them to drive massive engagements and leads, then you should check out the “Hashtag to Dollars Course”. Here are some of the topics in the course;

  • Growth Hack For Social Proof – How to Instantly Grow Your Page to 1000, 10,000 or 100,000 Followers Depending on Your Niche
  • How To Research and Hand Pick the Right Hashtags For Your Page
  • How to Rank Your Posts For Instagram Hashtags to Grow Your Followers, Sales and Engagement
  • Full Story – “How I Used Hashtags to Find Customers That Paid Me Over $20,000 Back in 2021”
  • How To Post Consistently On Instagram – One Single Content Idea to Generate 100 Instagram Posts Within Minutes
  • How to Quickly Schedule Instagram Posts If You are Busy
  • 7 Bio Optimization Tips That Will Make You Stand Out and Show Up For Instagram Searches
  • and many more Instagram tips

Click here to view the course page

2. You Must Post At Least 1 Content Per Day!!! Here is an Easy-Easy Solution For Everyone.

I know this might want to put you off, but I need you to stay with me for 1 minute as I simplify it for you.

Success at anything requires consistency and willingness to give it a try. Do not back out cos you think it will be difficult to achieve one post per day on Instagram. Maybe because you are busy, you do not have an idea of what to post or are simply not motivated to do it.

While I want to assure you that there is a quick fix for this, I want to paint a picture of a beautiful future in your mind.

Why Post on Instagram At least Once A Day?

Imagine, You are able to positively influence just one person in the world by sharing your experiences on Instagram.

Or you are able to grow your page and become an authority in your niche.

Imagine you are able to become an influencer with lots of followers on Instagram. able to get leads or generate sales for your business via Instagram.

Imagine you are able to make a living/money through Instagram.

It’s possible, and it doesn’t mean you would need to bore yourself out with content creation. In fact, most of the content I share on my Instagram @dilligentworks doesn’t take me 30 seconds to create!! I created 3 months of content within an hour.

First. let me share my experience with you and why I concluded that posting once a day on Instagram is an important key to Instagram success.

Sometime in September of 2021, I set out to start analyzing different Instagram pages. and since then, I have personally checked and analyzed over 2000 Instagram Pages.

Why did I do this? I was creating blog posts for this social media blog and I was paid to analyze the pages of some popular models on Instagram and create content around them. here is one of the content I created.

After I had analyzed over 100 pages in that niche, I made it a goal to analyze top pages in other niches as I was going to use the information to create useful content for other blog sites I was writing for.

To date, I have manually checked and analyzed over 2000 Instagram pages.

I am going to share 2 important findings from that research with you in this article.

#Findings 1: The Most Successful Pages On Instagram Posted at least Once Per Day

To be honest, the hottest pages with lots of engagements posted up to 7 times and more. but the least is 1 post per day.
Successful pages for me are pages with a considerable number of engagement on all posts when compared to the number of followers.

It was amazing to find pages with not up to 500k Followers, but manage to drive over 1k-20k comments per content which are usually funny videos and Inspirational content.

I also discovered a Page that posts more than 10 times per day, and each of these posts generates more than 1k comments, sometimes 20k comments.

“Some of these contents are just “word content”, memes, funny quotes, and “life quotes”. and that is one of the golden secrets I was able to uncover from this research”.

How can you use this information to grow your page, remain consistent, and make more sales?

That leads to something else I discovered while analyzing those pages;

#FIndings 2: The Simplest Content That Anyone Can Easily Post on Instagram to Remain Consistent is “Well Designed Picture-Quotes” or “Pictures with Word Captions”

Everyone hits what I call the creativity block, where you run out of content ideas of what to post on Instagram.

Then I noticed a pattern across many of the pages I analyzed regardless of the niche or industry.

Nearly all the pages, apart from model pages, used this type of content, that is; Image-Quotes, Image-Facts,  or Pictures with Image captions on them.

Most of them are carefully researched so as to generate engagement. Usually, meaningful Picture Quotes resonate with the audience.

In fact, there are some pages that use these kinds of content throughout their pages as their major content.

For example, if you check @Foundr on Instagram, all their contents are in that format.


Therefore, the solution to consistent content is to create lots of beautiful word-picture content. This can be done easily via canva.

I explained how anyone can do this within a few minutes in the “HASHTAG TO DOLLARS COURSE”. These kinds of content are the easiest to create, within 30 minutes, you can create over 100 beautiful content.

I am serious, you can create hundreds of meaningful, beautiful content within a few minutes. Remember, Instagram will not respect your page if you do not post consistently.

This is how I do it for my clients who are indeed busy people. It is one of the services I provide on my website and Instagram page @dilligentworks.

But you can get my templates for free, send a message on the contact page requesting the templates. Your job will only be to insert content into the templates.

See sample templates with contents below.

Here is an explainer below, easy content.

viral content is better than best time to post on Instagram

3. Engage With Other Posts, Reply Messages – Kickstart Your First 1k Organic Followers

“To get your first 1000 followers, you need to put most of your time on Instagram into Engaging. That’s right, engaging with other users. Don’t get distracted with creating tons of content only, go out to find people to share it”.

Most of us are aware that interacting with others is always going to be important. However, most of us struggle to find time in our busy schedules to do so.

If you want Instagram to respect your page, then you must be ready to interact like a real human being, cos that is why it is called a social media platform.

Set Daily Engagement Objectives For Yourself

For example, plan ahead and create daily engagement objectives for yourself. Today, I aim to like 50 posts, respond to 20 comments, and leave 20 comments. Begin with a little target and work your way up to something more ambitious.

If you’re new to Instagram and someone takes the time to remark on one of your images, it might appear nasty and egotistical if you don’t respond. Other users may see that the remark has gone unanswered, giving them an unfavourable impression of your company.

It creates a toxic climate in which individuals are afraid to remark for fear of not being responded to. This is the very worst thing you could do to your Instagram following.

In light of this, it’s critical to be authentic in your comments. You don’t have to write anything long, but it’s always best to include meaningful smileys or captions.

Instagram bots have been wreaking havoc on the genuineness of the Instagram comment area, leaving users with ambiguous, one-word responses. As a result, creating a more personal reply will help you stand out and emphasize your honesty. You stand out a lot and therefore emphasize your genuineness.

Follow The Users Engaging With Your Competitors

​I must emphasize that this is not haphazard follow for following. This is a type of focused interaction in which you focus on those who are likely to be interested in what you have to offer. Consider the food fliers that folks strew on your door.

Although the majority of these fliers wind up in the trash, they occasionally feature deals that are just what you’re searching for. To make this method work, you’ll need to target the proper accounts rather than just following everyone in the hopes of getting a follow back.

This is the best approach to go about it:

1. View your competitors’ most recent postings;
2. Go through the top 20-30 accounts that like the post when they publish.
3. Ignore business pages
4. Don’t pay attention to Private accounts.
5. Ignore accounts that don’t suit your average follower’s approximate standards (e.g usually split by gender or age)
6. Once you’ve found an account you like, follow them and make a real remark on their most recent post.

Don’t unfollow back right immediately; wait at least a week before doing so. Continue to connect with them throughout the week; sometimes one burst of activity isn’t enough. You should be able to do this 2-3 times each day if you have enough competitors.

We recommend that you enable post notifications, as this will assist you in locating:
1. Instagram users that are active
2. Users who are passionate about your niche.
3. The first likers are likely to notice the post because they follow the account, rather than because they saw it via hashtags. This indicates that they will be more connected to the industry.

However,  the assumption is that if you do more than 6,000 follows in 30 days, your account will be disabled at best and banned at worst. Therefore, Keep it natural because Instagram doesn’t want individuals flooding the site.
Don’t try to speed up the process using automation, and don’t go beyond 150 for the day. This will guarantee that you’re always on the safe side!

Another thing to look out for is whether or not your competitors are employing any kind of engagement pod. If they get a lot of comments like “Great post again!” or “This is your greatest post yet,” you’ll know right away.

Users that use engagement pods frequently automate their comments on other accounts, which is why they’re so generic and boring. In most engagement pods, you are required to like the posts as well.

Therefore, make sure one of them isn’t being used by your competitor because you don’t want to squander your time following fake profiles.

You’ll get a temporary action ban from following accounts if you go above the limit. It’s not a major issue, but use it as a signal to slow down.

For the following 24 hours, try not to follow anyone, and when you return, take things slowly, 10-20 at a time, 50 each day. An action block should be treated as if it were a sports injury. Warm-up before engaging in strenuous activities, then gradually return to where you were.

Case Study: Combining Hashtags With Social Proof Grew My Page to 100k Followers and I did some $20,000 in 9 Months

This part of this content can be found in the Hashtag to Dollars Online Course, where I revealed the exact product I sold, and the hashtags I used that brought me, customers.

and you can use this information to grow your page massively, get more engagements, more followers and more sales if you are a service or product page. You can Learn More Here – Hashtag To Dollars – Short Online Course

Did you learn something new? kindly share this content with your friend or friends that might need it. and if you got questions, kindly use the comment box below.

To support my work, you can use any of my services or courses on the website.

Nice to have you here.


Does posting time matter on Instagram?

Yeah, depending on your audience. but it is not the most important thing to focus on. focus more on content quality and promotion.

Why does no one see my Instagram posts?

It’s very likely that you have been shadowbanned. This might be a mistake from Instagram, but most times, it happens when you have used some automation tool on your Instagram page or you doing things too fast. For example, following too many people within a short period of time. You might need to log out of your Instagram page for some time to solve this issue.

How do I check my peak time on Instagram?

To check your peak times on Instagram, you will need to use the audience insight tool. There, you will be able to check the day and time that your audience is most active. This is a good approach for determining the best time to post on Instagram for your page.

Is it better to post on IG in the morning or at night?

My advice is that you post in the morning instead of at night. That way your content is there for the day and can generate some buzz, maybe go viral and drive meaningful engagements.

When is The Best Time To Post on Instagram on Tuesday?

From 8 a.m to 9 p.m on Tuesday is the best time to post on Instagram because users are active and engaged with a variety of content for nearly 13 hours. The best time to post reels on Instagram on Tuesday is 1 a.m, 3 a.m, and 8 a.m

When is The Best Time To Post on Instagram on Thursday?

The best time to post on Instagram on Thursday is from 11 a.m to 12 p.m, with peaks between 11 a.m and 12 p.m and then gradually decreasing afterwards.

When is The Best To Post on Instagram on Saturday

 From 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., there is a sufficient level of Instagram user engagement.  Saturday night is also one of the ideal times to go live, as live videos are a fantastic way for people staying at home to pass the time, especially after 9 p.m.

Best Time To Post on Instagram on Wednesdays?

Wednesday is the best day to post on Instagram and, the best time to post is from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. The peak time is from 9 p.m. to 6 p.m. At 11 a.m, the level of engagement is at its highest. This is the day when most people participate. As a result, ensure that at least one post is scheduled for this day.

Summary: Best Time To Post on Instagram 2022

I believe it’s best that you test things on your own and pick the best time for your content and your audience. Instagram is hands down one of the best social media platforms around and like many of us who are doing good things on the platform, you should take your chance by;

  • Focusing more on content that resonates with your audience and then
  • Promoting the content

The timing of your post is the last thing to consider.

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