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Best Photographers on Instagram – Top 20

best photographers on instagram
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From amazing landscapes to cute puppies, there’s nothing better than seeing the world through someone else’s lens. It might sound cliché, but just like anything else in life, seeing it through Instagram filters makes the world seem like a much more beautiful place. And that’s why we’ve rounded up the top 20 best photographers on Instagram—each of whom has grabbed our attention with shots that highlight not only their photography skills but also their genuine love for adventure and living life on the edge.

When you think of photography on Instagram, you may not always think of the best. You might be thinking about the kind of photos where you look at a blurred image and wonder what it could be if you were to zoom in. But just so you know, there are actually some really cool photographers out there using Instagram.

They aren’t some random people who just took a picture with their phone and posted it on Instagram. Some of them are big names in the world of photography and have thousands of followers waiting for more from them than just another photo/video. Here are the top 20 most popular Instagram photographers you should be following If you love photography, and you want to see them capture beautiful pictures.

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1. Cindy Sherman@cindysherman

Born in New Jersey, Cindy Sherman is a conceptual photographer and filmmaker who is well recognized for her socially critical photography. She started off painting in a super-realist manner while she was in art school, but near the end of the 1970s, she switched to photography to explore the seductive impact of mass media on our individual and collective identities. Sherman’s Instagram page is a heady combination of the plain landscape photos (and occasional videos) she takes while traveling and working, as well as her strange computer modifications.

2. Ezgi Polat@ezgipolat

One of the most well-liked food photographers on Instagram is Ezgi Polat, a Berlin-based photographer whose page you should follow. She takes portraits, in addition, to still life photos. Her paintings have stunning color correction, particularly chilly ones, and harmony of laconic and multi-subject compositions.

3. Brandon Woelfel@brandonwoelfel

One of the top portrait and neon photographers on Instagram is New Yorker, Brandon Woelfel. He produces stunning images with wonderful hues and hazy lighting. The young man produces gorgeous lookbooks for a variety of hipster lifestyle firms. Brandon almost always shoots with a Nikon D750. He believes that the first few minutes following sunset are ideal for taking pictures.

4.  David LaChapelle@david_lachapelle

The commercial and fine art photographer David LaChapelle, who was born in Connecticut, has been dubbed the “Fellini of photography” and has a distinctive aesthetic that has been variably characterized as “hyper-real,” “subversive,” “surreal,” and “kitsch.” He is a trailblazer who had a significant impact on modern photography. He has received numerous honors, and his work can be seen in public collections all around the world. His Instagram feed is a continuous visual feast filled with incredibly colorful and extravagantly over-the-top photographs that are sure to catch your attention.

5. Kelia Anne MacCluskey@kelianne

Here is one of the most imaginative Instagram accounts for photography. Los Angeles-based photographer Kelia Anne MacCluskey is well-known for her odd, fantastical images. She creates an alternate reality with a variety of color palettes and surrealistic features using opposing visual methods. On her page, there are a lot of pictures of people with quite various types of personalities.

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6. Steve McCurry@stevemccurryofficial

Philadelphia-born photojournalist Steve McCurry is arguably best known for his work for National Geographic, particularly for his iconic cover image, “Afghan Girl.” Since joining Magnum in 1986, he has received many honors, including Magazine Photographer of the Year, the Centenary Medal of the Royal Photographic Society, and two World Press Photo awards. Incredible examples of his photojournalism from around the world may be found on his Instagram page.

7. Bella Kotak@bellakotak

Popular Instagrammer Bella Kotak specializes in fine art and fashion photography. She has a job in England. The girl gets her ideas for her enchanting paintings from the beautiful surroundings, classic fairy tales, and powerful female characters.

8. Simone Bramante@brahm

On April 17, Simone Bramante was born in Italy. He is a producer, storyteller, photographer, and creative director. He creates content that upholds ideals like independence, fashion, and aesthetic appeal while encouraging connection and community engagement. Simone is the creator of the photographic company WhatItalyIs, whose work has been highlighted by Forbes, The Huffington Post, Vogue, and numerous other media.

9. Adam Senatori@adamsenatori

One of the top Instagram travel photographers to follow is Adam. He is a pilot who dazzles his viewers with gorgeous aerial shots and incredible portraiture. He is renowned for working with well-known corporations like General Electric, Louis Vuitton, Ray-Ban, and others.

10. Mario Testino@mariotestino 

Peruvian fashion and portrait photographer Mario Testino has produced photos for companies like Chanel, Gucci, Burberry, Versace, Michael Kors, and Estée Lauder. The world’s “most prolific magazine and fashion trade photographer,” as The Observer dubbed him last year, has also held positions as creative director, guest editor, museum creator, art collector, and entrepreneur. A variety of stunning model photos from the past and present, ethereal trip photos, and amusing images of Testino, his staff, and partners can be found on his Instagram page.

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11. Ilhan Eroglu@ilhan1077

Here is one of the top Instagram accounts for photography. Photographer Ilhan frequently travels and posts pictures of his adventures. Wide-angle lenses, which allow for the inclusion of more significant details in the frame, are the primary characteristic of his images.

12. Anne Geddes@annegeddesofficial 

Australian photographer Anne Geddes, who is presently residing in New York, is known for her award-winning infant photography, which is inspired by her conviction that children should be loved, cherished, and safeguarded. More than 13 million calendars and 18 million books have been sold by her globally. Geddes’ Instagram account provides a positive and approachable way to follow her activities, from the speeches she gives to her support for causes like World Prematurity Day.

13. Paul Nicklen@paulnicklen

With good reason, Paul Nicklen is regarded as one of Instagram’s most well-liked travel, wildlife, and environment photographers. He contributes frequently to National Geographic. Paul, as a result, frequently publishes pictures of animals in their natural settings on his page.

14.  Bruce Gilden@bruce_gilden 

Using a revolutionary method, iconic street photographer Bruce Gilden captured the expressions of onlookers with a flashgun, solidifying his position in photographic history. Since joining Magnum in 1998, he has produced extensive and in-depth photographic projects in his own New York as well as in Haiti, France, Ireland, India, Russia, Japan, and England. Gilden’s Instagram page is essentially a self-contained display.

15. Chris Burkard@chrisburkard 

Chris Burkard is a landscape, lifestyle, surf, outdoor, and travel photographer located in California who is renowned for his use of natural light and photojournalistic style. His work has been featured in magazines like GQ, National Geographic, New Yorker, Vogue, and Wired. Commercial customers include Apple, Land Rover, Microsoft, and Sony. Burkard’s feed is one continuous stream of passionate and gorgeous photos, with an enticing mix of action photographs from watersports and panoramic vistas. It might be better to turn your back on this right now if you’re the kind of photographer who easily gets envious of the skills of other photographers.

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16. Nick Knight@nick_knight 

British fashion photographer Nick Knight OBE is known for pushing the limits of both his artistic and technical abilities. His work has addressed a variety of problems over the years, including racism, disability, ageism, and sizeism. He is renowned for challenging conventional ideas of beauty. In addition, he is an honorary professor at the University of the Arts London and the creator of the fashion website SHOWstudio.com. It’s easy to admire Knight’s vibrant, exotic, and constantly captivating art on Instagram. You can also find some of SHOWstudio.com’s best work there, as well as the odd sharing of his political opinions.

17. Ellen von Unwerth@ellenvonunwerth 

Ellen von Unwerth, a former model who was born in Frankfurt, Germany, is now a photographer and director. Her work has appeared in publications such as Vogue, Vanity Fair, Interview, and other monographs. She specializes in sexual depictions of the female body that express a feminist viewpoint. Unwerth’s Instagram page is a seductive collection of glitzy fashion photos and eroticized imagery, featuring both burlesque performers and well-known celebs like Miley Cyrus.

18.  Lindsay Adler@lindsayadler_photo

American editorials by Manhattan-based portrait and fashion photographer Lindsay Adler have featured in Bullett, Zink, and Fault. She has also co-hosted the YouTube program “The Concept” with fine art photographer Brooke Shaden, spoken and taught within the photographic community, and written two books. Meanwhile, her Instagram account is pretty captivating. Adler’s photos are never short of dazzling because they are exclusively composed of gorgeous women after gorgeous women, each lavishly shot with dramatically colorful backgrounds and filters.

19. Jonathan Mannion@jonathanmannion

Jonathan Mannion, an Ohio native, started his career working as Richard Avedon’s studio assistant. Since then, he has photographed more than 300 album covers for musicians ranging from Jay-Z to DJ Khaled, making him a household name in the world of hip-hop photography. Mannion’s Instagram feed feels more natural and appears to be a genuine invitation to peek into his day-to-day existence, in contrast to many photographers’ Instagram accounts which look more tightly “managed.

20. Hank Willis Thomas@hankwillisthomas

New Jersey-born conceptual artist Hank Willis Thomas focuses on issues of identity, history, and popular culture. His work is featured in various public collections, including MOMA, the Guggenheim, and the Whitney Museum of American Art, and has won numerous awards. His Instagram page is proof of his passion for both his photography and the causes it is motivated by, such as “Black Lives Matter” and universal healthcare. He has a particularly compelling style while filming political billboards across the country.


Overall, these are some of the best photographers on Instagram that you should be following. Each one of them has a unique style that is worth checking out. If you have a photographer you would love to add to the list, do let us know in the comment section.

Best Photographers on Instagram FAQ

Is Instagram still good for photographers?

Despite the fact that many photographers have considered leaving Instagram, it is still one of the greatest platforms for sharing your work and interacting with other users.

Can you make money in photography?

Depending on where they are, full-time photographers can generally earn enormous sums of money every year. Although many photographers choose to start out part-time so they can see whether photography will be a financially viable career.

Why is Instagram best for photographers?

The visual nature of Instagram gives photographers a distinct advantage. You can share images from sessions, behind-the-scenes footage, and candid snapshots that highlight your character. Additionally, all of that content can aid with client discovery.

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