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The Best Instagram Filters For Your Next Photo Or Story

Written by Yusuf Ali
Tech enthusiast and Internet geek

A great Instagram picture is usually an interesting one. Typically, it’s bright, eye-catching, and most of the time, it’s colorful. In this post, I’ll be going over the best Instagram filters to use on your next photo or video. You can test each one yourself and see which one you like best!

There are a variety of Instagram filters you can use for your next Instagram post. However, not all Instagram filters are created equal, which is why I’ll offer my opinions on the best Instagram filters, although if you’re anything like me, you’ll have your own personal favorites as well!

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Top Instagram Post Filters and Effects

You might be wondering what the difference is between Instagram Post effects and filters. Filters alter the overall appearance of your shot, making it warmer, colder, or black and white. Effects, on the other hand, are more dramatic modifications that include animation, digital makeover, and odd patterns to your photo or video. We’ve rounded up some of our favourite Instagram filters and effects.

1. Normal: When You Want to Look Natural

best instagram filters

Sometimes, the best Instagram filter is often no filter at all. Many people nowadays prefer to look at natural, realistic images rather than ones that are oversaturated and distorted in colour.

Mobile device cameras have also advanced significantly, resulting in photographs and movies that are as excellent as ever. Furthermore, Instagram now includes built-in editing capabilities, allowing users to manually modify things like brightness, contrast, structure, and more without overdoing it with a filter application.

2. Clarendon: The Filter That Lightens, Darkens, and Softens Everything

Clarendon is the most popular Instagram filter, due to its slightly oversaturated appearance and high-contrast effect. The Clarendon filter gives your shot an overall chilly hue, yet the skin tones stay warm and realistic. Clarendon is the filter to use when you don’t know what to use for, from landscapes to portraits.

Good for: Selfies

3. Juno: A Light Splash of Color for Food Photography and Street Scenes

 A totally natural filter that won’t detract from the overall aesthetic you’ve accomplished with fantastic photography? Try the Juno filter, which brightens colours while increasing contrast. Juno will also bring out the warmer tones in your shot, which is ideal for bright situations like a beach picnic or a city backdrop.

Good for: Making your picture pop

4. Ludwig: Red Hues are Intensified While Other Colors are Diminished

This filter was named after Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, an architect with an oddly lengthy name who created the renowned minimalist mantra “less is more.”
With the exception of red, which becomes more saturated, this filter lowers saturation and brightness for yellows, greens, cyans, blues, and magentas. Ludwig pulls out the vibrancy of the reds with a very modest contrast drop.

Good for: Portraits and architecture

5. Lark: Increase the Brightness

Lark can provide just the perfect amount of brightness to a shot while keeping it looking cool. Red saturation is lowered, but blue and green saturation are increased. This filter’s increased exposure subdues colour brightness for a calmer, slightly washed out image, making it ideal for outdoor photoshoots.

Good for: Nature shots

6. Gingham: Vintage Sense

Gingham is the finest Instagram filter for producing a slight vintage vibe without completely altering the photo’s true colours. The vintage effect is produced by lowering some of the highlights and saturation and adding a tiny vignette. The end result is a warm, hazy appearance.

Good for: Hipsters

7. Lo-Fi: Everything Becomes More Intense

Lo-Fi isn’t the filter for you if you want your images to seem as natural as possible, but it’s popular among users who want to enhance the many different visual components of their photos with deeper shadows and greater saturation for more vibrant colours. This is one of those effects you should employ when you truly want your shot to stand out.

Good for: The 90’s feel

8. Aden: Retro Look

Aden is well-known for its retro, pastel-y appearance, which is ideal for softening harsh lighting. When used correctly, it may make forceful photographs appear more delicate, even dreamlike.

Good for: Autumn shots

9. Valencia: Bring Out the Yellows to Add Warmth and Light

Valencia is a great choice for a somewhat toned-down, yet warm and vibrant appearance. This filter enhances the yellow tones in your shot, making it an excellent choice for bringing out lighter, softer colours.

Good for: Photos with light pinks and pastels

10. X-Pro II: Ramp Up the Contrast

This is the most contrasty and arguably the least subtle filter on the list: it adds a TON of shadow and darkness, as well as a heavy vignette that fades away the photo’s edges. The X-PRO II is based on a photo-developing technology known as “cross-processing,” which involves processing photographs in a chemical solution for several types of film. This is one of Instagram’s oldest filters, designed to improve the poor quality of camera phones in 2010 when Instagram was still in its early stages. Surprisingly, it is still one of the platform’s most used filters.

Good for: Turning normal photos into very intense ones.

Top Story Filters and Effects

We have just discussed the best Instagram filters for posts and now, we’re going to divert to stories. We have gathered some of the best presets that will definitely excite you

1. Normal and Oslo

2. Lagos and Abu Dhabi

3. Buenos Aires and New York

4. Camcorder by Demiandrou and Chromatic Pulse by Instagram

How to Add Instagram Filters to Your Photos or Stories

Step 1: On the Instagram app, swipe right to access the camera page.

On the Instagram app, swipe right to access the camera page and the posting page.

Step 2: Click on “Post or Story” Based on the one you want to create.

Click on either post or story to create a new one using your camera or choose one from your gallery. Here we have selected ‘Post’.

Step 3: Apply your favourite filter to your Image

Here you can select your favourite filter and apply it before posting your image. This process also goes for stories by swiping and changing filters and also applying effects.

Step 3

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Over to you! Are you applying these Instagram filters?

Taking beautiful photos might not be enough, you also need to add something to give it a distinct theme or vibe. Instagram will not disappoint you in this regard.
Simply go to your story or post section and select the finest ones. It may also keep you entertained for hours. However, some people are hooked on putting beauty filters on their photos because they believe they are not attractive enough! All humans are lovely. You do not need to compare yourself to “beauty standards” that are always changing! Simply being yourself is a genuine beauty.

Best Instagram Filters FAQ

How do you get the best filters on Instagram?

You can get them from this write-up and you can also get the best filters by testing them out and picking on your own.

Is there a pretty filter on Instagram?

Yes. There are a number of pretty filters on Instagram. All you have to do is find them.

Do influencers use filters on Instagram?

Many of them use presets, which are essentially filters. Roughly about 10% of IG users use native

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