Amazing Scottish Landownership Gifts: Titled Land Deeds For New Zealanders


As crazy as it sounds, for a few dollars, your mum or dad can officially become a Scottish Landowner and that means they are permitted to use their official title, Lord or Lady. This is definitely not a gimmick; we did our research and can confirm that everything is legal and above board.

The best gift ever!

It might be for your mum or dad, or a very special friend who has always been there for you; they don’t need to know anything; you can buy Scotland Titles online and they are very affordable! Imagine receiving an official Scottish Land Title Deed that is made out in your name? This enables you to use the title Lord or Lady in front of your name; save an image of the deeds on your smartphone and should anyone contest the use of a noble title, you can show the proof.

How does it work?

According to ancient Scottish Law, any person who owns land in the Scottish Highlands is automatically given the title Lord or Lady, the equivalent of Laird in Scottish. The online provider purchases one square foot of forest in the Scottish Highlands in Fife in the name of the recipient, then an official Land Title Deed can be issued, which the recipient receives in their Scottish Landownership Pack. This pack includes the Google Earth coordinates of their small plot of land and most newly titled people have the Title Deeds framed and put on the wall.

You can view your own land

Using Google Earth, you can zoom in to that one square foot of land that you own in Fife, the Scottish Highlands. It will please you to learn that a tree is planted for every square foot of land sold, which helps Mother Nature.

What are the goals of such a program?

New Zealanders have a deep appreciation for both their own country’s stunning landscapes and the rich cultural heritage of the United Kingdom. One unique and meaningful way to connect with that heritage while also investing in a piece of Scotland’s history is by acquiring titled land deeds in Scotland. This concept has gained significant popularity in recent years, offering New Zealanders an extraordinary opportunity to own a piece of Scottish land and become “Lairds” or “Ladies.” In this article, we will explore the allure of titled land deeds and why they make for amazing gifts for New Zealanders.

Many people wish that the Scottish Highlands remain in their natural state and by selling off small plots to people all over the world, no development could ever be constructed. For example, a 5,000 sq ft project would need to buy the land from 5,000 separate owners, which is simply never going to happen. So, by gifting a loved one an official Scottish Land Ownership Title, you are doing your bit to protect the Scottish county of Fife.

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