After graduating from high school or after earning the corresponding qualifications, one must complete a therapeutic massage program in 부천출장마사지 order to become a competent and licensed massage therapist. After completing the program, a massage therapist can apply for their licensure and, if they want to operate independently, a business license.

Since there are so many various massage techniques, styles, and materials, learning for a massage therapist always continues during this process. Furthermore, you must learn a range of these methods and keep honing them if you want to become a massage therapist.


By applying pressure to various portions of the body with your thumbs or your hands, kneading is arguably the easiest motion for beginners to do. The purpose of this technique is to move the muscle away from the bone, which helps to lessen muscular spasms. Kneading is known by its technical term, Petri sage, which is mostly used in massage therapy textbooks.

Remember that it is your responsibility as a therapist to ensure that the person receiving the massage is not in pain or uncomfortable. Work your way into it as your customer instructs you, starting with mild pressure and slower rates.


Another technique that is frequently employed in salons, parlors, and massage stations is this one. It entails applying little pressure on the skin with your hands. This method involves gliding the hands over the body while keeping them flat; for extra comfort, oils or creams may be used.

To maximize the client’s comfort and relaxation during a massage, effleurage is frequently applied at the start and conclusion of the session. The method may be applied to the body to release tension and muscular knots by applying a little bit of extra pressure. This method is frequently employed in a variety of massage techniques, including Swedish massage.


As the name implies, the rubbing method primarily calls for the use of thumbs, which are often moved in a circular pattern while exerting pressure. This technique is used to relieve muscular and joint discomfort as well as to increase blood circulation throughout the body.

When you touch the skin with your thumbs, you are basically treating certain areas of the body, particularly those with tight muscles or painful joints. To ease stiffness and discomfort in the deeper levels of the muscular tissues, rubbing can be integrated into a deep tissue massage at a higher pressure.

As long as you’re utilizing two thumbs, rubbing may be done using a variety of movement patterns. Despite being quite similar in many ways, these motions could really fall under a separate approach depending on where and when massage therapists use them.


Since tapping massage is one of the greatest methods for enhancing blood circulation in the body, it is frequently utilized in sports massages. The back, thighs, and buttocks are the main areas of the body that are tapped during this massage by the massage therapist.

In a tapping massage, the hands can be cupped so that just the tips of the fingers and the edges of the palm touch the skin, or they can be laid side by side and tapped on the skin. You can modify the procedure to tap in a certain way if it 인천출장마사지 seems more comfortable for your customer.


Finally, You are instructed to softly shake the muscles at a fairly quick pace to simulate a vibration traveling through the region, either using your hands across a wide surface area (such as the back, for example) or your fingers (across the face).

Since the main goal of this method is to give a calming sensation to the body’s muscles and nerves, it normally doesn’t need a lot of pressure. Many therapists have also advocated using this method to massage scar tissue as well as around it.

Therefore, employing the vibration approach is appropriate if you are massaging a person who is sensitive to higher levels of discomfort. The customer won’t feel any discomfort, and it will also provide their frazzled nerves with much-needed rest.